The 1950’s were also a time when women’s undergarments started evolving from primarily restrictive foundations to alluring fashion elements in their own right, deserving of the term lingerie. Styles began to show more sense of femininity and sex appeal, while still retaining the function of foundations. These are interesting transitional pieces and no vintage outfit from this era is complete without them. Thankfully, vintage lingerie has not been ignored by SL designers. I am wearing elements from No.9 Nylons‘ Vintage Lingerie “Lily” collection in black. This fantastic set has a bra, panty and girdle in 4 and 8 garter versions, in many layers and combinations. A pair of back-seamed stockings for the 8 garter option is also included. Any of the regular 4 garter stockings sold separately can be used with the 4 garter girdle. The options allow for wearing the lingerie in a variety of ways under clothes or alone. Pictured below is the complete set with the 8 garter option. Notice the nice touch of the tiny red prim bow on the bra (inset). Criollo Forcella also pays great attention to detail in her creations and has made this available in black, red and white.

No.9 also has a nice selection of modern leg wear, including panty hose and thigh highs. If you have suggestions for other vintage styles or eras that you’d like to see or if you’d like to share good places to shop for them, please leave a comment.