Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Tuli: I rezzed in October of 2005 and spent 3 months being overwhelmed and camping for money to finance my shopping until someone kicked my butt into gear. I had some experience with photoshop, so I decided to try some clothes. I think my first “shop” was at the Samurai Tokyo mall, and my brand was called Forgotten Kitten back then.

Harriet Gausman: What skills did you bring with you in-world?

Tuli: Photoshop skills! Although I had no idea back then that they would come in handy. I was making website graphics and kawaii pixel art at the time. I learned a lot more thanks to Phil’s Place.

Harriet Gausman: How much is Tuli like the real you?

Tuli: Very much. I don’t act any different than I am in RL, nor pretend to be someone I am not, except for the slightly thinner body type on her, haha. In a way, she represents everything that is inner me.

Harriet Gausman: Tell us a little bit about your business; what does your collection consist of; who wears your skins and clothes; and what makes your business special?

Tuli: My store was never all about money. I can’t deny that it partly sustains me in that way, but the most important is that it’s an outlet for my creativity and my need to make beautiful things. Most of all, I aim to make people who wear my creations feel beautiful. I started with clothes, then tried a little jewelry but gave that up fast as I do not have the patience for tiny prims. Poses were next, they’re not so hard once you get the hang of making them look natural and not wooden. I’ve been doing skins a long time too, but my first attempts were hardly suitable for sale. The first one, S1, came out about a year ago I think. I’m seriously bad with dates and my memory is a nightmare. I don’t feel particularly special, but I like to think that my style is very recognizable in everything I do.

Harriet Gausman: Where do you gain your inspiration?

Tuli: Television, art, other people’s creations and my own imagination.

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of Tuli Asturias?

Tuli: Sweet, stylish, approachable, vibrant, fun.

Harriet Gausman: Many people consider you as a bit of a Second Life ™ icon. How does that make you feel and would you ever have thought that you would be so successful when you first arrived in-world?

Tuli: They do? *wide eyes* That makes me feel very odd, as someone like Fallingwater Cellardoor or Nephilaine Protagonist is way more deserving of the word icon. I’m just doing my thing, really. I do love it when my customers send me notes with thank you’s and compliments. Which creator wouldn’t? But no I would never have thought in a million years when I came here that I would be doing what I am doing now.

Harriet Gausman: There often seems to be a lot of rivalry that goes on in the fashion industry and I wondered whether you have had to deal with any unfavourable characters yourself?

Tuli: I have, sadly, experienced unreal diva behaviour from others.

Harriet Gausman: Do you have a favourite of your own designs?

Tuli: No particular clothes favorite at the moment, but I do really like my new Emily skin.

Harriet Gausman: Who are your favourite designers in-world?

Tuli: I have many, and new ones seem to get added all the time. Maria Gherardi, Annah Whitfield, Annette Voight, Onyx LeShelle, Caliah Lyon, Iki Ikarus to name a few… and Fallingwater Cellardoor will always have my undying love!

Harriet Gausman: For the benefit of those readers who do not understand, would you say why people should avoid buying unauthorised copies of your work. How can they differentiate?

Tuli: You should avoid buying unauthorised copies of mine and other original creators’ work because I believe we do earn a little respect for putting hours upon hours of work into what we make, and people stealing the textures and selling them as their own for less money is disheartening and will eventually lead to us to not bother making things anymore and leaving SL. Since the thieves can’t seem to do anything original themselves, SL will be a poorer place.

Harriet Gausman: And what would you like to say to all the low-down, dirty content thieves out there?

Tuli: Get a real job.

Harriet Gausman: What is the most expensive single item of clothing you’ve bought and how much was it?

Tuli: I really don’t remember – as I told you, my memory is a nightmare.

Harriet Gausman: Who’s your most favourite person in Second Life ™? Don’t be shy now!

Tuli: I have several and can’t choose, sorry!

Harriet Gausman: Name five things you would change in Second Life ™.

Tuli: I’ll stick to changes that would benefit my line of work here. Fix the in-world upload preview, make flexi prims collide with the avatar, fix the hand poses to stay as they were uploaded, fix the way prims handle lighting so they match the way the avatar is lighted and add more layer options.

Harriet Gausman: What items do you currently have in your refrigerator? Be honest now!

Tuli: I don’t have a fridge in SL!

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