I love classical music and the Baroque period is my favorite. I often wish I could go back to that time and experience the music as the people then did. Wearing the clothes of the time would be a step towards achieving this. However, finding authentic and affordable Baroque fashions is difficult in real life. Luckily, they are easily attainable here in Second Life. There are some wonderful 18th century (Baroque) designers in SL, but I’m pleased to let you know about a wonderful new one. Her name is Josephine Klees and she has a store called “Josephine’s” which it’s dedicated to fashion of the 18th century. She studies costume design in RL and brings her expertise to her designs here. Pictured below are her newest release, MarieJosette and her personal favorite, Pauline.

The rich textures and fantastic detail are an indication of Josephine’s talent and the care she takes in assembling her designs. MarieJosette has 9 prim parts including bows, ruffles and train, and also a wig and hat, while Pauline has 7 prim parts and a hat. All these parts blend beautifully to create a truly marvelous whole. We can’t really go back in time to experience living as people did in the past, but these clothes are so well done that we can at least get a small taste of what it must have been like. And you guys needn’t feel left out for she also has several baroque period men’s outfits for sale, including a French guardsman’s uniform. These exhibit the same level of detail and quality as the gowns shown here. Period wigs, hats and brooches can also be purchased separately.

So, the next time you need or just want that perfect new baroque fashion, do yourself a favor and visit Josephine’s. If you purchase one of these gowns you’re likely to have the attention of everyone at the ball. Josephine currently has 2 shops. One at La Musique and the other in the Languedoc Coeur Marketplace. These clothes deserve to be seen by all and Josephine Klees’ talent should be known.