“I’ve finished that chapel I was painting. The Pope is quite satisfied.” …Michelangelo
On completing the ceiling of Sistine Chapel


I have finally reached Italy and my adventure starts in Rome. My first stop is the Vatican, to gaze upon the wonderous Sistine Chapel. We are lucky in SL to have a replica for those who have not actually seen the original works of Michelangelo. You have the luxury of taking your time to view the paintings and it is much quieter too.

Along with visiting the Sistine Chapel I will be in and out of many churches, so I am wearing a top from Nyte’N’Day, that discreetly covers my shoulders but at the same time the sheer colourful fabric is light enough to keep me cool. There is a nice tie just below the waist to add some interest to this top. The plain white pants are part of the outfit and have sculpted pant cuffs.

 The shoes I picked are from Enkythings. I love the straps and they have a cute detail on the side of the shoe that comes in either silver or gold. To complete the outfit, I am wearing plain gold hoop earrings that I have had for ages, a necklace from Purple Rose and a bangle bracelet from Artilleri. Tomorrow, I am going to the Spanish Steps and then I will be wandering down to the Via del Corso to do some shopping. I wonder what fashions I will find on that amazing street. I can hardly wait. The Italians really know how to design for women!


Top and pants: Bandeau Blues from Nyte’N’Day

Shoes: Kahn Navy at enkythings
Necklace-Long Circles Chain at Purple Rose
Bracelet: Lulu 3 at Artilleri
Hair: Lyne II from ETD

Shot on location at Versilia Island