It’s my pleasure to review the Free Speerit Skins which have recently been released. I promised to share my true thoughts about the skins for the community and I intend to do just that for my blog today.

First, some useful information about the skins:

All of the skins will include a base skin (without make up) for free, 4 pubic styles, an updater, eyelashes and the final price of the skin will only be L$1424! There will be also be fatpacks.

I have experimented and learned that the skins are fully tintable. This means that each shade can achieve about 100 skin tones without loosing quality; dark to pale, and even fantasy colours. To do this, you just need to read the tutorials included with your skin. There is more, some tones or makeups have the ability to add freckles, blush, makeup, etc. All of this from the SL standard tools in appearance (Note: not all the shades or makeups will have the same effects.) My personal view of this pack with 5 different color shades is that they are well done. The skintones are very realistic and the sensually formed lips are awesome. I am not sure about the Eleania lips though, the gloss may be a little too shiny for me which somehow spoils its sensuality – the color is great though. The eye makeups are very detailed and good graphic work. The eyebrows are very sexy and perfectly formed. My favorite is Whitney – I like the tan tone – so realistic and soft.

 Skins shown from left to right: Whitney (Smokey Azule), Sara (Vogue), Eleania (Ruby), Desidelia (Scarlet), Ashlee (Dapink).

Landmark for the store: FreeSpeerit

To match with the skins and to show you as much as possible of my face for reviewing these skins,  I wore hair from ETD called Tyra in black, blonde, white, chestnut and copper.

Landmark for hair: ETD