I recently had the opportunity to watch the poses created by Stella Furkel of Fashion Model Works in action at the ALTAMODA 1st Quarter Bash. For those that were there, you were able to see that her creations are exceptional. Stella has worked hard to create poses that are more realistic, as well as different, from the many poses available today in Second Life™. Her creative designs have brought a vital new element to the pose industry, while still keeping each and every pose authentic and realistic looking. Sitting down with Stella was an inspiring experience as she shared with me the motivations behind her creations, her favorite things about SL™, and what the scoop is for the future of Fashion Model Works.

Fashion Model Works

DE: Well, first, tell me what made you decide to start creating poses in SL.

SF: I am creative person and I have been following Second Life and its development – it is part of my RL work to follow trends. I have read and heard about some of the amazing things that happen here. A friend, who does use it encouraged me to try it, so I did and that’s the story.

DE: And, why poses instead of clothing, shapes, skin, etc?

SF: I have always been interested in movement. In RL, I have a lot of exposure to the fashion world and have always been fascinated by the movement of the models. A pose can paint a thousand words, so I wanted to help tell the story. My poses are inspired by the work I see on the runway and in magazines. The challenge is making them look as good in the virtual world as they look in the real world.

DE: Besides the movements you watch in RL, are there things in SL that have inspired you as well?

SF: Beauty. Elegance. I see many beautiful people and I am inspired by how I think they might like to express themselves. I am very much high-end inspired. Covers of Vogue, Tatler, Quintessentially, and so on inspire me. I notice that, to date, Second Life pose makers work holistically – there is less concentration on the specifics and some times those specifics are the tools that make people stand out.

DE: Have you been designing long?

SF: I only started very recently actually. It was by chance I was asked to join the Bold and the Beautiful show. I didn’t expect that and the models did an amazing job. The official opening of my store will happen soon and we plan to release many more poses by then. Until then, I am still fiddling around with vendors and permissions which are all very new and weird for me.

DE: Wow! That really is exciting! Is there a specific audience you have been and will be directing your poses to?

SF: Well, models, business owners, designers – who I have realized must shoot a lot of pictures, and agencies. In fact, we are willing to work closely with designers to assist them in their work. We cater for all, but I must state that ** Fashion Model Works ** caters for specifics. I mentioned that earlier. What I mean by specifics is when shopping for poses it has often crossed my mind how perfect the pose would be if only the head was tilted this way or that way. ** Fashion Model Works ** has pose sets which are similar with slight variations, to allow you to pick the perfect one for your needs. So the sets tend to roll in 4 – 6 poses. We also make custom poses, although we have not done too much of that at the moment. Besides the animated poses, we also make static ones and themed ones. The bond007 is the first themed one. New ones will be following on.

DE: Is this a venture you have taken on by yourself or are there others you are working with?

SF: My friends are a huge help. We bouncing ideas off each other, but ultimately the creation is down to the individual.

DE: What is your personal favorite of all your poses?

SF: I have a new one each day until the next comes along. It really depends on context and mood.

DE: Because we are all curious, let’s move away from your designs for just a second. What are some of your favorite things about SL in general?

SF: The potential for creativity and self-expression. It is international and “instant”. By instant, I mean its there when you need it, but log-off is just a click away. I have a really hectic real-life, so this is very convenient.

DE: Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know about you, your designs, or the new store?

SF: Well sure. Where do I start? I will keep it simple. I would love people to know that we do have a beta-testing group called ** Fashion Model Works **, which is open enrolment for the time being. Group members get free pre-release poses to test and give feedback on before their general release. This is a great way for us to learn what works well and what doesn’t. They also get to hear about releases first and freebies! I think the members enjoy the experience also. It is not everyday where you voice and opinion is heard.

Fashion Model Works is definitely the place to go for poses. As you can see, Stella puts her heart into her work, making sure that the designs she works so hard on are exactly what the people of SL need. With her willingness to accept ideas and feedback she is well on the road to becoming one of the elite of Second Life designers.