This week I met Barbarella Fuosing! Barbarella is a well known model in the SecondLife fashion scene and has just begun organizing fashion shows. She told me about her favourite designers and a huge fashion event on Wednesday… Tomorrow!

Leeza Catteneo: How long have you been modeling?

Barbarella Fuosing: For 6 or 7 months I would guess. It may be longer. Wondering when I stopped being a cat.

Leeza: But now you are working on so much more. You managed the WooT show at Dreamgirls and it was a great success.

Barbarella Fuosing: Thank you. After the disasterous start with Second Life closing and models and designers being locked out it went very well considering. I also work with Modavia, Boulevard, Indyra’s model troupe and Sana Models, too. This Wednesday 1pm will be the Boulevard Italian show, on Monday I have a Sana Charity Show coming up, then I have to start working on a Zhao show for Dreamgirls. Zhao will be me second for Dreamgirls.

Leeza: Do you have a favourite agency?

Barbarella Fuosing: Well, each have their high points. Modavia is in my heart. Having been there from the very start but I was very excited to be asked to join Boulevard. Big things are going to happen with them and Sana. Both shows have been charity events. So that is special too. And Dreamgirls I love the people there.

Leeza: Are there any plans for boulevard you could share?

Barbarella Fuosing: I am afraid things are kept very much under the hat til things are released but the fashion week is going to be huge.  Each show has a theme. On wednesdays is the Best of Italian Designers. Another is Goth, one is Oriental and the last show is designers modelling one-off or limited edition outfits for charity.

Leeza: What designer will you present?

Barbarella Fuosing: There are many. This wednesday it is Baiastice, Brenda Clellon, Sartoria, Ziamela Loon, Bianca Foulon, Moxie Polano. Thursday is gothic: RFYRE, Avid, lapointe, KC Designs. Friday is Best of Asia: Milky House Kimonos, Avid, House of Alisha, Kotobuki Jewell, BareRose. I think the designers show is secret at the moment. Each show will be really different. Unlike anything seen before in SL.

Leeza: Do you wear any of these designers in your spare time?

Barbarella Fuosing: Oh yes. I love wearing designer styles. I love Baiastice, I have a lot of Bianca F, Rfyre and I adore Ce_Cubic. I go back every week to see if she has released new. I love the designs of Amerie Spitteler of AN naughty, DE designs and LBD of course. Also Kurotsubaki and League. The list is endless and I go back to each time and again. I also wear less well-known designers, too.

Leeza: What is your favourite part of the outfit you are wearing right now?

Barbarella Fuosing: Oh, the boots. I have hardly removed the Gladiator boots since they were released. I had to buy the whole set. It was a long wait but worth it. I love Stiletto Moody Shoes. The outfit is from Ghost. I was really sad to hear they were closing.

Leeza: Where could people meet you?

Barbarella Fuosing: Hm, I go out all over. I have no set places I go. Altho I still host slingo at Parrothead cove every week day. So you can always find me there 4 – 6 am weekdays. Otherwise for fun I go wherever the parties or dancing is. I do like to play hard as well as work hard.

Leeza: What would you tell the fashionistas, models and people who want to become a model?

Barbarella Fuosing: Oh firstly, do not go into modeling because you think you will become rich. You won’t! Modeling costs money on the whole. You need such a large wardrobe of accessories. Secondly, it’s actually hard work and hard world to break into but don’t give up trying and it’ll be huge fun.
Well, the third thing is: take advice. If people in the know tell you it’s better to change a few things do it if you are serious. I did and it made all the difference.

Barbarella Fuosing is wearing:

Boots: Gladiator Boots – Stiletto Moody
Skirt & Top: Rain skirt and top (comes with numerous options) – Ghost
Sunglasses: Mercury LE – Kalnins
Hair: Bridget in White – Magika
Skin: Amber – Laqroki

Cat: Mean Kitten – Todd Borst