Summer is all around us in Europe right now, and many people are having a beautiful Summer vacation by either visiting a Summer resort or by taking a weekend trip somewhere. Venezia or Barcelona, maybe? In my case (the case of a single woman), I would love to take a weekend trip to a shopping haven. Somewhere there I can have limitless shopping opportunities, while at the same time top up that tan (Mm… Beach). Once you’ve booked that holiday, you need to check if your VISA or Mastercard is still valid and grab your passport. What a task it is to pack your bag, not only for the time, but because of your options. I know many of my fellow women will agree with me, and thats why I am giving you some suggestions on what to take on a weekend trip: A dresses with accessories, swimwear with accessories and a set of lingerie. You can buy the rest when you are shopping!

Basic stuff which must be taken with you in your travelbag:

Skin: Rianna – Gold from Redgrave.

Hair: Riha, Onio and Doll/blondes – All from Mirai Style.

What to put in your travelbag:

Dress set: Enchant Dress/black from Cupcakes worn together with Pearl Egg Necklace/silver from Armidi and Lague/black pumps from Storm Schmooz. Don’t forget the Leather Tote Bag/black from SLink.

Outfit for the beach: Pinup Swimsuit w/ Sunhat – White from ROSEMAR worn together with Suomi Suede Natural pumps from Storm Schmooz and Basket Animal (dalmatian) bag from Muism.

Outfit for the night: Alice White outfit from Insolence worn with Pump Pale Pink patent from Stiletto Moody

Remember the flight rules: Maximum 25 kilos per bag, per person! I know its very difficult to keep to that limit, expecially when travelling back home with extra goodies, but what can a girl do?

Bon Voyage!!!