The era between the great world wars was a difficult time for many.  The excesses of the twenties ended with the American stock market crash of 1929 and much of the thirties were spent in The Great Depression.  World War II followed, so the finances remained tight for the majority of people.  This, coupled with a rejection of what was seen as the decadence of the previous years, had a dramatic impact on women’s fashion.  For the typical middle class woman, spending a lot on wardrobe was no longer an option.  Fashions became simpler but also more feminine.  The boyish looks, popular in the 20’s, were gone.  Hemlines were lowered, the bust was accentuated, skirts became fuller and the waistline was set more naturally.  All of this led to a re-emphasis of the female shape.  Pictured on the left is Ivalde’s Ailin dress in blue.  Something like this may have been the best thing in a typical middle class woman’s wardrobe.  It may have even been home sewn.  In addition to the prim skirt, Nefaria Abel uses prim cuffs on the upper arm.  The gathers on the bodice texture are very convincing.  Other colors available are green, red and teal.



That’s not to say that no one had money or lived in affluence during these times.  The well-to-do class that remained, popularized the jazz clubs that began replacing the speak-easies.  And, they did so in elegant dress that also emphasized the feminine form. 

 The picture on the right shows Cartunno Couture’s Lombard Lace Dress in black, which Theodote Carthage embelished with prim lace attachments for the lower skirt and wrist cuffs.  A gold top option is also included.  These two examples are very different styles, but as you can see both have the intent of accentuating a woman’s curves.  I don’t find the depression era of fashion depressing at all, and I hope these outfits indicate why.


Added to Ailin is Cutie hair from Laqroki and No. 9 Nylons Shiny stockings in black.  Hair for the Lombard dress is Joan from the Curl Up and Dye Salon.  Pearl jewelry for both is from Muse Fine Jewelry and the shoes are Tesla Leather Vixens, Blueberry for Ailin and Liquorice for Lombard.