Desk manager


Hello EFA Fashion Blog readers! I introduce to you our blogs newest weekly article: The Weekly Round Up.

This article will be released every two weeks on a Monday and will summarize up and coming blog articles, events and important EFA and EFA blog news. It is the perfect article to read if you want to find a specific article that was released in the past week or that is to come, along with finding out about competitions and news. I will also inform you about the happenings around the blog.

So, who am I?

I am the newly appointed Managing Editor of the EFA Fashion Blog and I will be producing this article each week. I’ve been with the blog for a few weeks now, but I’ve been behind the scenes sorting out future plans. Myself and whole blog team have some very exciting future plans and competitions for all of you readers and the blog itself, that will be arriving very soon! You won’t want to miss out! From now on, you as readers will be able to get more involved with the blog and together we will create an EFA blog community that can be rivaled by no other.

I encourage you all to use the Contact Us feature to submit ideas, suggestions and bugs you may notice around the blog. You can also feel free to contact me.

The first article will be released on Monday 23rd June. Get ready and be excited!