It’s that time of the year again. Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to announce the graduation ofAlessia Christen, juliane Ames and Mariah Urriah of the European timezone class for June and of Genna GossipGirl, Janelle Taurog, Saj Zenovka and Veronique Saphir of the American timezone class for June.

The ceremony took place on June 22nd, with the new models showcasing their talents shared to friends and people of the fashion world. The new models then received their certificates in a round of applause.

All of the ladies, just like the ones before them, had to prove they have passion and work hard to complete the intensive 10 day course, tutored by the likes of top model Tempest Hennesy and title models Aleida Rhode and Tiffany Dragonash.

We wish the models every success in their future. They have made us proud and we hope to see all their dreams come true by making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. They are, after all, the new generation of SL models.

Some important announcements at the course of the night were also made. Elle Quinsette, one of our last month’s models, has joined the agency as a junior training model, and Tiffany Dragonash, who joined us in May, has been promoted to titled model, level one. Congratulations to both!

Unfortunately, there were sad news as well. Tempest Hennesy, after a fantastic session with us, will be retiring. She has contributed a great deal to the agency – as a friend, a colleague and an inspiration and she will be greatly missed.

Thinking of becoming a model or want to brush up on your skills? See the model training course page here for more information and prices.