It’s week one of the Weekly Round Up. The first ever article! Let me hear a “Woop, woop”, let me hear… “Shoop, shoop”?

You will be shocked with the amount of excitement coming your way this week. As you will soon find out (if you have yet to realize) the blog has hit 100, 000 THOUSAND website hits!! We are so over-joyed and grateful for this achievement that we will be introducing a very big new contest for the artists of SL with amazing prizes, giving you all a massive celebration party and letting you hear some flashes from the past from the most influencial people from the blog.

Coming your way from our fashion writers this week is a brilliant showcase of one of the newest Summer lines by Moanasyrene Boucher, some more fantastic updates of the latest fashions in SL and an interview you won’t want to miss.

You may have also heard the news of one of our writers leaving the blog to dedicate her time to ALTAMODA, Harriet Gausman. She gave extroadinary contributions to the blog, especially with the Friday Feature and the New Designer Spotlight, and we will all miss her presence. These articles are currently on hold, but we have some very exciting new articles in developement for you all.

In SL news:

As you ALL know, EFA’s Wedding Show is on Wednesday at 12pm SLT where all attendees will receive a special “wedding album”, will sit back to tunes from DJ Kromus and watch a beautiful showcase of wedding attire. A show you don’t want to miss out on.

Today is also the start of SL’s 5th birthday celebrations, where EFA has our very own plot. During the 2 week celebrations, EFA will be presenting lots of events from fabulous designers such as LeeZu Baxter and Sissy Pessoa!

Extra news:

After reading my post on Friday many of you responded with “What does the new girl look like?”, “Is she mean or clean… Looking?”.

Well, here I am. I’m wearing the new Sofia hair from Aden and Free Speerit Skins / Eleania (Karla).

Don’t forget the new issue of ALTAMODA Magazine comes out this week! You can read the current issue and await the new one here.

Have a great week with us and don’t hesitate to contact us.