Hello fashion foes! I am thrilled and so excited to finally announce the date of the first Runway Robics games on Thursday 26th June at the EFA Exhibition Building on the SL5B sim.

Think of it like your yoga or aerobics class; a time to sweat, hang-out with friends and enjoy great moments with other beautiful people. Only this time, it is on the runway and the stakes are high! Do you dare to tread the boards, beat the challenges and risk elimination?

Runway-Robics is the new concept event from Ewing Fashion Agency for models, both professional and non-professional, and anyone else who dare to take a taste of the runway. A chance to win amazing prizes while having serious fun. Your hosts, Rena Mascot and Bobie Woodget, will be planning your assault course. So, if you think you are up for the challenge, grab some of your friends and come on down to Runway-Robics on Thursday!

This is an event you won’t be wanting to miss out on!