This week I met Incolumis Lancaster! I met him at his newly established modeling agency, Excelsis Model Agency! He told me about his work and future plans. He also shared with me some useful tips for you if you are a budding model or would like to become one!

Leeza Catteneo: Hello Incolumis! What a nice place!

Incolumis Lancaster: Welcome. It’s the agency I’m running together with my girlfriend and cayce newell. We’ve just started a few weeks ago so we’re still in the process of starting. We were conducting auditions these past few weeks.

Leeza: Are you planning shows yet?

Incolumis Lancaster: Yes we are. We’ve already build a catwalk for a beachshow. It’s behind this building. The idea is that visitors teleport to this ship. We have no exact dates yet, we’re still contacting designers. But I think they would like this setup when they see it.

Leeza: Do you still work for other agencies?

Incolumis Lancaster: Yes I do. i just got into Metro Models, and on occasion i work for Sana, Instyle, and SL Illustrated models

Leeza: For your first show here at Excelsis Model Agency, the beach show, what designers have you asked?

Incolumis Lancaster: I prefer not to answer on that yet, it’s a surprise!

Leeza: Okay! And what designers do you prefer for your own wardrobe?

Incolumis Lancaster:
Well I just buy anything that I think looks realistic. i usually check out Valiant, King Of Men, Naima, Armidi, FNKY!, Argrace, Redgrave.  I can name so many.

Leeza: When I look at you and your style I can “hear” something like the trip-hop group Massive Attack.

Incolumis Lancaster:
I love Massive Attack. Omg. “Unfinished Symphony” is like in my top 10 all time.

Leeza: What is your favourite item on this outfit?

Incolumis Lancaster: I love the shoes, lately Hoorenbeek has improved a lot on quality.  i like the way it’s worn, it’s a great contrast with the blazer.

Leeza: When did you start modeling in SL?

Incolumis Lancaster: That was when I was around 3 or 4 months old, already 15 months ago. Tempest Hennesy taught me when we were still working for Delicious Models Inc. She’s a good friend of mine.

Leeza: With all this experience; what tips would you give all the people out there who model or want to become a model?

Incolumis Lancaster: Well, modelling is actually easier than most people realise. People who can’t handle the stress make it look harder than it is.
1 – Make your own shape, it’s the best way to create something unique, buying shapes is just nonsense. You don’t want to look like someone else in your group of friends. Try to be original.
2 – It’s always a misconception to think that clearing your cache 5 minutes before the show is a good thing, make it an hour, you will have time to load your inventory back, and people will have time to load the textures of your clothing a as well. Doing it 5 minutes before the show only increases more lag.
3 – Don’t go into modelling if you can’t take the stress. I’ve seen a lot of people get really bitchy when they need to do more than 1 thing at a time.
4 – Copy all your landmarks into a notecard, and delete the ones in your inventory. Loading 1 notecard is faster than loading 100 LM’s. You can also do the same with notecards.

Leeza: Thank you, Incolumis!

Incolumis Lancaster is wearing:

Jeans: Ronin Steel Dark – WMD
Blazer: Black Blazer – Valiant
Shoes: Used All Star Low Top – Hoorenbeek
Skin: Dante 6 – Naughty Designs
Shape: by myself
Eyes: Blue Romantic Eyes – Redgrave
Flat Cap: 5th Dimension