If you’ve followed my posts to date, you know that I’ve been presenting period and vintage styles from SL designers, but when recently given the opportunity to preview some of the best new fashions from a wonderful haute couture designer, I had to do it. Moanasyrene Boucher of MB-Designs has created a new line, for a summer launch, and it’s my pleasure to be able to show you some of her new designs here.  Anyone familiar with her previous work knows of the quality textures and highly detailed prim skirts. The new line is no exception. I just love the patterns and vibrant colours Moanasyrene has chosen for these new dresses and they are all fine additions to her already excellent collection.

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Pictured above are Attraction in pink and black (top left), Lilac Dream (top right), White Orchid (bottom left) and Florence (bottom right). 

Attraction has a two part feather prim skirt in a wonderfully contrasting hot pink and black combination. The top has a nice glossy waist with lace-fringed bodice. It will also be available in a lime green and black colour combination. Lilac Dream and White Orchid are two new empire waist gowns. The tops are similar but the vastly different skirts produce two distinctly different dresses. Lilac Dream utilizes a pants layer and two prim skirts with colour gradient textures to produce a very pleasing effect. The primary skirt has a colour scheme of white to purple and the sheer lace overlay ranges in light pink to purple. White Orchid has a standard skirt layer underskirt and a multi-tiered full length prim skirt. Each tier being made up of independently moving flexi-prims results in a magnificent display when in motion. The brightly coloured Florence is a simple three piece dress made up of a top, pants and prim skirt. The orange and pink colouring though, and the finely detailed and layered skirt make this dress fun to wear. I can’t recall seeing anything like this on SL before, and with these extreme colours and design, you will definately get noticed.

Shown above is an all black version of Ladies Love (top left), the original Ladies Love (bottom left), Bow Wow (top right) and Juicy Lemon (bottom right).  The all black Ladies Love is a new version of the currently available two-toned dress. Besides the all black lace skirt, Moanasyrene has added a feather prim skirt which increases fullness. It retains the strapless and deep plunging top that made the previous version a favourite to many. The variety present in this new line is demonstrated by the balloon dress, Bow Wow. The balloon skirt is made up of two separate prims. One black and the other a gradient texture of pink to purple.  The top of the bodice has a prim lace fringe. Finally, Juicy Lemon, a fabulously summery dress. The prim skirt has a lovely pattern of lemon fruit, flowers and leaves. A yellow feather prim underskirt adds fullness. A similar green and yellow texture is continued on the pants and top, which is trimmed in yellow lace. A number of the designs presented here also have an optional prim ribbon waist bow.

Moanasyrene has done a beautiful job creating her new summer line. Her versatility can be seen in the range of styles presented here and she has chosen excellent vibrant colours and combinations for many of them. These new designs are sure to be favorites of those familiar with her work, and many others who are just discovering this talented designer.

T hair seen in these photos is from Diversity Hair, ETD, Zero Style and Maitreya. All jewelry seen is from Muse Fine Jewelry and the stockings are from No.9 Nylons.