When Kuranosuke Kamachi walks into the room you can just tell she is not like any other of Japanese origin out there. Her style is edgy, rather than the Kawai style typical of many of her friends. As the owner and designer of DeLa, she has created a variety of shoes to fit many tastes. Over the last year her designs have extended to clothing and accessories, giving SL fashion lovers some of the best designs around. With her infectious laugh and her love for designing, I couldn’t help but have a great time interviewing her and becoming excited for all that the future holds for DeLa.

DeLa logo

DE: First, I want you to start with a little about yourself.

KK: Ok. I started making shoes when I joined SL last year. In SL, making stuff is my favorite time. LOL.

DE: Why did you decide to do shoes instead of so many other things out there?

KK: Because I am a shoe lover like Carrie in Sex and City. LOL.

DE: Hahaha. Have you found it to be tough being in such a competitive environment? I mean, success in the SL shoe industry is a big task and you’ve done great!

KK: Thank you! Now most shoes are made of sculpt, many Japanese designers can handle it very well. They are great competition.

DE: What kinds of things have inspired your designs in SL and RL?

KK: In SL, Maytreya, now Maiiki. But the designer that inspires me the most is Digit Darks!! I was shocked, I mean in a good way, as if I had been struck by a thunderbolt when I first met Digit Darks. Design, color, everything is different from the others and is so avant-garde. In RL, I can be inspired here and there. Japanese girls are great coordinators, good at mix and match like Kawaii. LOL.

DE: Is there a specific audience that you have geared your designs towards?

KK: I love Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Jean Paul Gaultier, and so on. So I want the people that love them to love my stuff.

DE: Very nice way to put it.

DE: Do you have a personal favorite designer?

KK: Digit Darks and Maiiki as I mentioned before. But there are so many other designers, I can not name all of them. LOL. For example, for dresses, Nicky Lee, LeeZu, Paper Couture……Truth, Cake, SEU for hair. Even though Last Call no longer exists, I take off my hat to Ginnie’s work.

DE: What about of the shoes you’ve made? Are there some you love more than others?

KK: My favorite shoes are not sweet. I mean, they are sharp or cool shoes, but most of my friends want me to make sweet stuff.

DE: Hahaha. Do you think the sweet ones are the ones that sell better?

KK: Ummm……..I don’t know. I think the Asian people like sweet rather than cool, but those that aren’t Asian prefer cool stuff.

DE: Are there some new and exciting things happening with DeLa soon?

KK: Yes!! But I can’t tell. LOL.

DE: Hahaha. Ok…I guess we can let you have a few secrets…

KK: Hahaha. Well, I can tell you I will be making more clothing and accessories. I don’t have enough stuff for a fashion show yet, so I’ll continue to make more items for that;)

DE: Well, you making more is very exciting! Thanks you!

You can visit DeLa’s main store in-world here.