July 2008

When the creators of Second Life were designing the avatars for our world, they wisely added an underwear layer. I suppose many people wonder why underwear is needed here, and I suppose it’s not, but I still like to wear it. Women wear underwear for more than one single reason. One of those reasons is how it makes us feel when we have beautiful lingerie on, even if we intend to show it to no one. Judging from the number of lingerie stores in Second Life, it is obvious that women find reasons to buy and wear it here too. I have come across a number places that sell truly wonderful and diverse underwear for women and recently discovered another. Angel Dessous sells lingerie with a distinctive European style to their designs. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Nando Korobase, a few days ago and he graciously showed me a preview of some new designs he will be releasing soon.


There are five tiny villages set like jewels on the Ligurian Coast of Italy, known as Cinque Terre. The hiking trails between the villages are both easy and challenging, but every trail has spectacular views of the sea, terraced vineyards, and the rugged coastline. You can hike between all five villages in one day, but that is not as challenging as walking up 99 stairs to the hotel room with a backpack on. Cinque Terre is one of those places people tend to read about once and then dream about forever.

I hiked between Vernazza and Montorosso. The weather was pleasant so I was able to dress lightly; wearing my baggy top over a new tank top from MichaMi. The baggy top has a really nice drape to it, both back and front, and shows off the back of the tank top. This type of tank top design really shows off a great pair of shoulders. My long pants have the appearance of a light twill material and I like the detailing on the back pockets. The pants come with a belt but I chose to wear a leather belt with little pouches – you know, for lipstick, sun block, and a comb.


The deadline for entries for the EFA Fashion Blog Banner Contest has officially passed and no more entries will be accepted!

We’ve have had some fantastic entries submitted and we thank everyone who participated in this contest. The winner will win L$60,000 in prizes, as well as instant exposure across the SL grid!

The reason for this contest was to celebrate our record achievement of reaching 100,000 blog hits, and we have now excelled that figure. Thank you everyone.



We recently held our first Runway Diva show to an audience of new and aspiring models. Experienced models Rena Mascot, Haruka Kish and Kayella Kurrajong gave a quick demonstration of a simple routine. The audience was to pay attention to the poses, timing and number of stops. Then came the fun part. Rena put forth the challenge to the audience to duplicate the routine. Thirteen very anxious and enthusiastic contestants leaped at the chance to walk that great Estate Della Mode runway that floats above the pool. Led by our very own Una Ewing, each model did their routine in front of Rena and Haruka, while Kayella was backstage hovering over her charges like a mother hen, making sure the runway was always occupied.

Congratulations to Payton Heron and Cayce Newell who won the challenge. Following the challenge was a question and answer period with our Top Model, Bobie Woodget. This part of the program was to help and mentor the aspiring and new models.

Being well into the Summer, we’ve all had a ton of time to enjoy the latest and the greatest in this year’s Summer lines. As we prepare for the Autumn line of fashion to begin decorating shop windows, I’ve got to take some time to share with you my favorite designer in this year’s Summer fashion. I came across the Bolero Collection as I was taking a much needed break from the world to shop. I was overwhelmed with the different pieces, the amazing colors, and the unique designs! Amanda Bolero has created items for all moods, as she says:

 “Sometimes I feel romantic so I design a gown, or aggressive, or dreamy and so on. I think every woman has to wear what expresses herself that day, to feel comfortable in any situation: from shopping to a party, from going to work to staying at home. But, they always need a touch of originality and elegance.”

I followed her advice and I chose outfits based on my moods. For my fun and flirtatious mood I chose the Estivo Rose outfit. The gorgeous textures and the prim buckle attachment were the perfect fit for a casual day out.


One of the overlooked elements of a woman’s wardrobe, especially here in Second Life, is leg wear. I am hoping to bring some attention to it with a series of posts that I will be interspersing with other topics. I love stockings, both in RL an SL, so I decided to start with some specialty stockings from a couple of innovative designers. The first is Sh Oluja of Sheer. She has a wonderfully creative series of black stockings with a myriad of designs. Pictured below are several of these designs, that give an indication of the range of options.

Shown above is Swirl, Vines, Stripe, Stripe-Fade, Leaves, Waves, Psych and Opaque. These are just eight of the twenty styles available. Along with several other patterns, there are of course the typical plain black, fishnet and even a wrinkled set. All of the stockings also have a sexy back seam.

Sh’s creativity doesn’t just stop with the different designs; many of the styles come in a torn version for the punk crowd. Shown in the picture below is a number of these, including the two very torn options.


I’ve recently become obsessed with the different poses available in Second Life. I know this probably seems strange seeing that I’m not a model or photographer, I have never tried to be, and have no intentions of moving down that road. I guess, for me, it is about creating as much realism as possible, in a place that many from the outside consider a “game”. As I’ve had fun sampling poses, I’ve run into more than a few pose-makers and I’ve got to tell you, Dove Swanson’s poses are top of the line. Long Awkward Pose is an SL giant and Dove, the owner and creator, took the time to answer my questions. So here it is, straight from the woman herself!

For starters, I’d like to talk about your experiences in SL. What brought you to SL in the first place?

DS: Originally I saw a news brief on MTV. They were covering a U2 concert that was done in SL. I thought it looked interesting so I signed up; but, at that point in time my computer couldn’t handle SL. I couldn’t actually sign up and play again until later in ’06. I’ve been here ever since.

What were some of the things that made you fall in love with SL?

DS: I have to admit, when I looked it up and found out you could “make the sims have sex” I really, really had to see that. LOL. But, after that amazement wore off, I became entirely in awe of the fact that the possibilities really are endless and limitless. You can do and be anything, pretty much, all while never leaving your computer.

Those are some the things that made me fall in love with SL as well; although, you and I have matured into different roles. What made you decide to start designing poses?


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