Ewing Fashion Agency held the first ever Runway Robics this past week… Here’s the story through the eyes of one socialite in attendence, Genna GossipGirl:

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I made the decision to participate in the Runway Robics event. What I did know though, was that it was going to challenge my brain and my body, which made me slightly nervous and unsure of what to expect. ‘Casual’, I was told was dress code, but I saw all sorts of outfits. I was originally in black leather pants from Launa Fauna, rusty colored heels from Maitreya, and an orange swirly, ruffly top from Muism. Not exactly workout gear, that’s for sure. When I saw what some others had on though, such as workout gear, I quickly changed into a gray tank top from LuLu, black drawstring pants (I’ve had them in my inventory forever!) from Symmetry, and comfy black and white “tennies” shoes from Reaction. I kept my makeup on, even though I knew I’d start sweating, but I had my hair pulled back into a ponytail, so I knew I’d survive.

Our hostess, Bobie Woodget, started the introduction to make sure everyone was at the correct location, which was on the second floor of the EFA exhibit at SL5B, and ensured that we knew we were in for quite a little (wrong word?!) challenge. Friends, family and even observers lined both sides of the event area as we were instructed to sign into panels, used for the voting of our rise… Or, downfall… During the event. Suddenly, Tempest Hennesy dropped a bomb, well, more like a Plus Sign (+) shaped runway down onto us. We all dashed out of the way as she giggled in amusement. Fortunately, it was put into place with no casualties. Thank goodness! Bobie instructed us to line up backstage, so we did, and then the always fabulous DJ Kromus Korobase started off some beats for us to work out to. Always knowing to stretch before engaging in any vigorous excerise, we made sure to do that backstage, while Willimena showed us the walk we had to do. Very simple, or so it seemed. One wrong move, and splat! Embarassment! Keeping a close eye on her, I watched as she started off on the bottom of the Plus Runway and posed. 5 Counts later, she moved to the Middle, posed, and then turned and walked to the left side after 5 more counts. She then turned around and walked straight across to the other side after 5 counts to pose at the other end. And, yet again, 5 counts later she turned around and walked back to the middle, turned right so she was at the top of the Plus Runway, and of course she counted 5 more times and began walking to the beginning. Simple, isn’t it? Well, not for us. We asked (AKA pleaded) that she demo it for us once more, which thankfully she did. We were all better people after it the second time. Yay for me, I was first. Applying what I learned through EFA’s Elite Training Program, I did what I had seen demonstrated. 25 Counts later I was back at the beginning, and apparently there was a mix-up with the line up, so in order to show off my talents again, I opted to go out once again so the line up could get fixed. Everyone did really well, but after our first run, the runway was made much more narrow. Noooo problem. Nailed it, but my aiming was a tad off, but fortunately I didn’t fall, nor did anyone else. Sadly, I was called down for a casting call on the lower floor, so I was unable to see the rest, but it was very fun to do, and I hope to do it again. No one has to be a model to do it. It’s a great way to have a go at modelling and have great fun while doing it! Definately an event I will attend again in the future!

By Genna GossipGirl

Pictures by Aleida Rhode