I recently had the opportunity to attend the showing of Sascha’s Designs on the runway. I’ve been a fan of Sascha’s for a while now, the reason I own such a ridiculous amount (some would say) of her gowns. Seeing them on the runway, though, was definitely a treat. Her gowns are one of a kind.

Adoration in Black modelled by Saphire Semaphore

Sascha Frangilli, designer and owner of Sascha’s designs, has put so much detail and attention into each dress. It is these little details that make them so unique. I was so impressed by the flow of each dress and it sometimes seemed as if the models were floating across the runway. Her gowns are the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance, and her large and various range of styles give something every taste and every occasion.

Zuzu in Turquoise shown on Haydin Romano

The show was a hit! With Sascha’s ever growing popularity, there were around seventy people in attendance. The models were gorgeous, the gowns were extraordinary, and if you were not a fan prior to this show, you certainly were after it!

Arctic Pink shown here on MissSherlock Hoffman

SLurl to Sascha’s Designs

Models in the show included: Saphire Semaphore, MissSherlock Hofmann, MacPhista Lemmon, Shenandoah SaintLouis, Haydin Romano and Cristal Auebach.