Estate della Moda

The first fashion event of the week, and it was an IMMENSE success. With gorgeous dresses by Sissy Pessoa of BAIASTICE, which were phenomenally designed and created with extreme standards of detail, the new collection of hers is the definition of ‘couture’. The original designs she has introduced with her new collection are a variation of everything; from stand-out statement pieces with grand hats and poof skirts to stunningly perfected gowns. Combined with the very possiblly sexy stilettos from shoe extraordinaire and my personal shoe queen (all hail!), Stilleto Moody, this show was just never-ending perfection. The skins worn by all of the models during the show were those of Alinee Jewell, which, combined with the outfits, looked fantastic due to Alinee’s extensive range of make ups which were varied in colour and design.

The show went through centuries of colour and design, and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the dresses and even more so, the HATS! The hats, I can officially state as the BEST in SecondLife. The amazing detail and accessories that are on the hats, such as netting, feathers and various other things, along with the outstanding textures and colours, made these hats a real focus point of the show. I honestly didn’t know where to look first when a model came out: At the outfit? The shoes? Or, the hat? It was such a hard choice, but luckily the well-trained models stayed on the runway and posed beautifully with poses from ** Fashion Model Works ** by Stella Furkel, for long enough for me to view every aspect of them.

The show had a great turn out of fashionista’s and -isto’s, that along with myself, were simply amazed by the sheer beauty of the outfits and models, and the well put together showcase of them by EFA.

“I loved the show, I loved how the models came out and the location was beautiful.”

Sissy Pessoa, Owner of BAIASTICE

“All of the models were professional and superb!”

– dancer Dallagio, VP of Stiletto Moody shoes

“Sissy and I have both seen alot of shows, but we’ve never seen anything to such a high standard and class as this show.”

– Alinee Jewell, Creator of J&J Skins and CEO of BAIASTICE.

Well done to the ever-gracious host, Una Ewing, the models, Rena Mascot, Aleida Rhode, Bobie Woodget, Tempest Hennesy, Tiffany Dragonash and Ella Quinsette, the DJ, DJ Kromus Korobase, and thank you to all of the designers and showcases, Sissy Pessoa, Alinee Jewell, Stiletto Moody and Stella Furkel.

Estate Della Moda! Fantasimo!

*Pictured above are just a select few of the showcased outfits and designs.