Estate della Moda

In the second fashion show of the week we presented one of the biggest names in fashion. She has truly made her mark as a fashion designer with innovative, stylish and extremely high quality designs in SecondLife. She is Nicky Ree.

The EFA models showcased Nicky Ree’s new and stunning collection at the show that was held at the Ewing Fashion Agency water runway, an imposing place with poweful fountains. The new designs are fantastic. This collection is so interesting with all of the sleek and appearingly hand drawn graphical lines and oriental flower motifs. The colors were beautiful, the fabrics light, and the details cut down to pure elegance, cherishing romantic feelings.

The place was crowded. Every seat was taken and there were plenty of people standing, and even sitting, with their fit dipped in the pool, just to get close to the outfits! Everyone must have a piece of Nicky Ree’s creations which lingers in their mind as a must-have for their inventory, well, here are a few more designs for that list. Whether for a romantic event, a sexy cocktail night or a business meeting; Nicky Ree’s designs are appropriate for all occassions.

The models posed beautifully with poses from ** Fashion Model Works ** by Stella Furkel which were also presented at the end of the show.

I want to thank Tillie Ariantho for allowing me the right to use the pictures she took at the show. You can see more pictures of this amazing event on her Flickr.