Layja Vijor is far from mainstream and her designs at EXXESS attest to that fact. Layja has hit the mark with me, she has tapped into my dark side, and I love it! Within just one year of designing, she has taken her hair and clothing into a new realm and given us all a chance to move away from the “norm” of our lives. She believes that SL is a chance for each of us to be able to express ourselves differently than we are able to in RL, and she creates accordingly.

Layja has found a way to incorporate her edgy ideas with her desire to contribute to the SecondLife experience. Hers is a style far from the norm, and way too enticing to avoid. When the trendy becomes monotonous, EXXESS has the answer.

Take some time to check out EXXESS designs. It may take you places you didn’t know you’d enjoy!

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