Yesterday I went to a sim called SICK  – yes, it is a sickenly awesome, urban sim with a lot of things going on. Things such as a bus flying over someones head, a big flame burning out of a building and much more. Everything comes randomly and thats why it felt so realistic.

Now, about my style for today:

I am wearing Beautyavatar skin Nefertiti/bronze no.04. The price for one skin is 1400L, and a fatpack which contains 15 different makeups, cost 16500L. For special edition skins, one is for 1950 and a fatpack goes for 16500L for 11 variations. My dress is that socalled Worchester dress, also from Beautyavatar, the price of this is 700L and my earrings are Glam Earrings in black, from Creamshop. My shoes are those very famous and fabulous Pump in blackpatent from Stiletto Moody and the price of these is 875L. My hair, black and very Gasby styled, is Okappa hair from BettiePage Voyager, her shop is called *BP* and the price is 150L for 2 sizes (M & S).

Due to the fact I was unsure about how safe it was to walk around in SICK, I took a gun with me, which can be purchased as part of a set called Lara Croft – Tomb Raider from Adventure Gear.