This past week I had the pleasure of coming across a designer that’s fairly new to the fashion world here in SecondLife.  Her name is Lemania Indigo. Lemania is an artist who sells her pastel works of classic movie stars in real life.  After trying her hand at several things and learning various SL techniques, Lemania turned her talents to designing clothes a few months ago. She feels that this endeavor allows her to bring her art to life in a whole new way.  When I first visited her store, Lemania Indigo Designs, after seeing one of her dresses, I was expecting to see more of the creativity that I had seen exhibited with that one dress.  Even though I did find such things, I was extremely pleased to have seen the re-creations of classic movie star looks.  Below are some examples of this element of her work.


These are appropriately named “The Audrey Hepburn”, “The Louise Brooks”, “The Rita Heyworth as Gilda” and “The Grace Kelly Classic”. “The Audrey Hepburn” can be worn with or without the prim skirt and has a sleeveless top option. The long sleeve cuffs are flexi-prims. “The Grace Kelly” is shown in silver but is also available in black, blue and green. She has done a wonderful job of recreating these and many more classic looks in SL, but the next panel shows that her artistic vision goes beyond re-creation. She is quite capable of creating truly unique designs too. She currently has a Fourth of July dress available for one Linden in her store, if you want to try one for yourself.

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”Marabou and Sequins” (top left) can be worn with or without the prim marabou skirt shown. It has a long and short system skirt option. The marabou skirt is made up of two separate skirt parts. “Ode to Joy” (top right) is an example of the marvelous textures she uses. The base color is black, but the flower pattern is vibrant and colorful. The prim skirt is also made from two parts. The brocade patterns of “Sweet Honey” (lower left) show more of the detailed textures used.  Here, it is shown with long sleeves, but also has a short sleeve option that leaves the midriff bare. “It’s my Party” (lower right) is a wonderfully fun dress with a prim spray skirt in two parts. The top is made up of an opaque bodice and separate sheer jacket with prim sleeves. Lemania demonstrates a lot of talent for such a new designer and I will be watching her with expectations of great things to come. She has the vision and creativity to join the upper tier of SL fashion designers in time. I’ll finish with a tantalizing look at several dresses from her soon to be released Motown collection.

Pictured above are “Where Did Our Love Go” which can be worn as the prim dress shown or as a system skirt, “Supreme Diva” with long and short sleeve top options, long and short system skirts and the prim skirt shown, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.
Hair pictured comes from Truth, Laqroki, Diversity Hair and Kaiti Designs.  Additional jewelry seen is from Muse Fine Jewelry.