The EFA VIP group is up and ready for you to join! The group is a place for designers, models, fashionistas, and all other fashion industry lovers to get together, promote their work, and enjoy seeing the great designs from within SL. With more than 450 members already, and continuous amount of new members each day, we already have a large audience that can offer some great benefits with membership!

Some benefit of joining the group are:

*Discounts on ALTAMODA magazine advertisements.
*Discounts on shop rentals at Ischia (EFA Headquarters and shopping area).
*Invites to some of the hottest fashion shows in SL
[For more information on how you can get your event listed please Darcy Earnshaw.]
*VIP Happy Hour event!

Designers all over the grid will have the opportunity to give out a goodybag sponsor each Friday where they will be featured in the in-world group, subscribomatic group, and on the blog for some great exposure! For your placement in our Friday Happy Hour Darcy Earnshaw!

EFA VIP Group Happy Hour Sponsors: Information

Each sponsorship costs L$2000.
Included in the sponsorship is:
*A post to the EFA VIP group (can include anything you like, LM’s, freebies, notecards, etc).
*A post to the EFA Subscribomatic group.
*A feature of your designs in the EFA blog.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be included for gifts, events and fantastic exposure!