It was hotter than a 4th of July firecracker on the runway at the Estate Della Moda stage where the Ewing Fashion Agency was showing ultra chic and sexy undergarment designs from Camilla Yosuke of Insolence along with poses from Stella Furkel of **Fashion Model Works**. The house was jam-packed with distinguished guests and many familiar names from within the SL fashion world.

The fashion show started with a challenge from Una Ewing, CEO of EFA and host of the event, continuing with celebrations of SL’s 5th birthday and Danielle Astonia, representing Insolence. The first person from the audience to answer the question “What was the name of the last outfit released from Insolence?” won a full page ad space in Altamoda magazine. Congratulations to Retribution Fall for the correct answer “Melanie”. Woot – what a prize!












Models Rena Mascot, Bobie Woodget, Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Haruka Kish, Tempest Hennesy and Ella Quinsette wowed the enthusiastic crowd with outfits that consisted of bra and pantie sets in delicious colours, with delicate lace garter belts holding up the matching silk stockings. Translucent camisoles and bustiers were also shown. The wonderfully textured fabrics and fine lace edging added a touch of delicate femininity to these sexy ensembles. Many items come on different layers that add versatility to the garments. Camilla’s designs have exquisite details and continue to be stylish, innovative and trend-setting. And, when you walk away… the view from behind – Oh Mamma Mia!


Not to be overlooked, are the wonderful heels & stilettos from Insolence and Sarah Black that the models wore to complete the ultimate sexy and desirable look. The poses used by the talented group of models further enhanced the ensembles by smoothly transitioning from one position to another to give the audience a seamless show.


The show ended with another challenge question. This time Silky Trilling correctly guessed the answer and won a full page ad in ALTAMODA Magazine. From the amount of applause throughout the show, it is safe to say it was another successful endeavour by Una and the rest of our team!

Show Photo Reel compliments of EFA Photographer, Tillie Ariantho.