The judges made their final decisions and the winner of Miss SL World 2008 was finally announced…


Aleida is a well established top model within Second Life, and has been around the industry for almost one year now and she is definately excelling within it. As a model for EFA too, she is regulary in shows strutting down the runway – and owning it! Aswell as modelling she has a blog here on the EFA Fashion Blog… Does that make me her boss? Amongst various other things, Aleida is a wonderful person with a shining and welcoming persona.

We were able to grab Aleida for a quick interview on this great achievement of hers:

First of all congratulations on your big win! What a fantastic achievement to be named Miss SL World 2008.

AR: Thank you, its was a big big WHAT! I was very speechless this morning, I couldn’t believe it, which is a normal reaction for anyone who wins something so big; whether it’s in sport, contest, etc.

I can imagine! How does it feel now, knowing you are Miss SL World!?

AR: Unbelievable still…. Feeling very good and strange though :)) Both in the same time. Thinking of how much I have been working in various activities, so it was a nice surprise.

What exactly did you have to do to win this title?

AR: I had to open an account at and submit pictures. Then, I wrote something about myself, like a short bio, and updated my pictures and bio also if I see some changes came along. The judges selected 30 as top 30 and then panel of judges decided the winner and top 10.

Now the main prizes were of course the L$10,000 grand prize and the title of Miss SL World 2008, will you be receiving anything else, such as work?

AR: I will get 5000L in prize and the rest goes to top ten who will rechieve 500L each. I am not sure what then will happen. I dont think it included work, etc. Just prize, title and also an example for the SL Fashion community – could represent various events, etc

Now that you do have the gracious title of Miss SL World 2008, will you be proudly wearing the tag?

AR: Havent got any tag yet..

We can make you one.

AR: If so I could, wear it for a week max πŸ™‚ Yes proudly *laughs out loud* Or, any good occasion to do that then I could wear the tag.

AR: Can do that myself too..

[Aleida then made herself a Miss SL World 2008 tag]

Absolutely, I’d never take it off.

Now you work as a model for EFA and also as a blogger here on our blog. How do you see your future?
AR: Hmm… I think will continue with that for a while and I am also teaching at the EFA Elite model school…. In my future, I hope to see myself as a professional photographer and designing clothes for SL :).

Oh great. Have you taken any preliminary steps to getting closer to those aspirations of becoming a photographer and a designer?

AR: As photographer, I already started and is just learning more and more all the time to get better. Abt clothes designing, well I have been through many tutorials in making clothes but since I am an perfectionist, so I wont show them off before it has a certain level of quality πŸ™‚

So there are already designs on their way!

AR: Yes and I am aware of that the competitions are very high, need to be something unique and thinking of what really sells. I do not want to mass product, want to enjoy creating and be happy to see customer goes home happy with a nice dress or something :).

Now each week, on a Wednesday, you provide the fashionista’s around the grid with fashion stylings from your own unique style. What are your inspiration and who is your icon for style and fashion?

AR: I use my own inspiration, and what I wear is like what I would wear in RL. Meaning, I am thinking of what should I wear today…and go after it in SL. Sometimes I go through my inventory, wear many outfits and suddenly: YES! I know what to blog about.

Now you can’t honestly be wearing this dress in RL?

[Aleida had a big black dress on, covered in lace]

AR: No, but can look for it in RL πŸ™‚ Sometimes I see new releases from Fashion World of SL and gets some idea too, or rl television. Everywhere πŸ™‚

AR: I must admit, that I do not like gowns :)) and would never wear it in RL :)) So I wont blog abt it unless its paid job – haha. Well it depends also of what kind of gown.. LeeZu’s gowns – I can wear them πŸ™‚

*hint, hint* Leezu – We have a blog review system here. Haha.

Well, thank you for agreeing to the interview and congratulations again. Do you have any upcoming events that you will be in that we can all place on our calenders?

AR: Thank you Ele for your time :), and you mean for the Miss SL World ? If any event upcoming?

Any upcoming events that you may be in.

AR: Not yet what I know of ..but will tell you if any comes πŸ™‚