One of the overlooked elements of a woman’s wardrobe, especially here in Second Life, is leg wear. I am hoping to bring some attention to it with a series of posts that I will be interspersing with other topics. I love stockings, both in RL an SL, so I decided to start with some specialty stockings from a couple of innovative designers. The first is Sh Oluja of Sheer. She has a wonderfully creative series of black stockings with a myriad of designs. Pictured below are several of these designs, that give an indication of the range of options.

Shown above is Swirl, Vines, Stripe, Stripe-Fade, Leaves, Waves, Psych and Opaque. These are just eight of the twenty styles available. Along with several other patterns, there are of course the typical plain black, fishnet and even a wrinkled set. All of the stockings also have a sexy back seam.

Sh’s creativity doesn’t just stop with the different designs; many of the styles come in a torn version for the punk crowd. Shown in the picture below is a number of these, including the two very torn options.

Shown is Dots, Shiny, Vines, Striped, Striped-Fade, Opaque and the very torn plain black. All of these stockings are nicely detailed and of high quality. Whether you want to dress punk or just add an interesting pattern to your legs, these stocking from Sheer are an excellent choice.

Specialty stockings are also useful when dressing elegantly, even if the decorative portion of the stocking is hidden from sight. I’m obviously referring to the laced-top stockings that are so fun to wear. Many lingerie sets in SL come with very sexy laced-top stockings. Fortunately, some stores sell them seperately too! Angel-Dessous is one of those stores. 

Here, I show a number of the finely crafted nylons in a variety of colors. The first is a black fishnet with top banding. Fawn and gray are included in this pack. Next is Celeste, with a black and white laced-top and comes with a black lace option. Giana has a flower pattern lace that extends down the thigh, shown here in red, which is also included in black and white. The wide laced-top Jezz is shown in a pink and black combination. It also comes in white/black lace, grey/pink lace and white/white lace. Next is Sandy, an all lace pattern in yellow (white and red are also included). Victoria in blue has a scalloped lace top and triple band (the pack also has white, chocolate and pink). Rike Paris, shown here in white, has a back seam and bow. Black, red and yellow are also included. Lastly, the wide lace top Michelle comes in black, red and white. These, and any of the other varieties, are sold separately and are sure to make a girl feel extra feminine and beautiful having lace around her thighs, even if she chooses to show no one else.

Shoes pictured are Tesla Leather Vixens in Liquorice.