Being well into the Summer, we’ve all had a ton of time to enjoy the latest and the greatest in this year’s Summer lines. As we prepare for the Autumn line of fashion to begin decorating shop windows, I’ve got to take some time to share with you my favorite designer in this year’s Summer fashion. I came across the Bolero Collection as I was taking a much needed break from the world to shop. I was overwhelmed with the different pieces, the amazing colors, and the unique designs! Amanda Bolero has created items for all moods, as she says:

 “Sometimes I feel romantic so I design a gown, or aggressive, or dreamy and so on. I think every woman has to wear what expresses herself that day, to feel comfortable in any situation: from shopping to a party, from going to work to staying at home. But, they always need a touch of originality and elegance.”

I followed her advice and I chose outfits based on my moods. For my fun and flirtatious mood I chose the Estivo Rose outfit. The gorgeous textures and the prim buckle attachment were the perfect fit for a casual day out.

Skin: :Gala:, Pale-Frosty Petunia

Hair: Armidi, The Glamorous III- Mauiberry

Shoes: Baby Monkey, Bow Mules in White

Bracelet: Moontan, Rosequarts set

As I was browsing the store for my next pick, I decided I definitely needed an outfit for the party girl in me. It wasn’t hard to find the perfect fit: Red Sequin Mini Dress. This dress is definitely the one that will attract attention when I walk in to a room. Isn’t that the best part of going out? All eyes on you!

Skin: :Gala:, Pale-Frosty Petunia

Hair: Gurl 6, Precious- Light blond

Tights: G.L.A.M, Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights- Dark Tone

Shoes: Baby Monkey, Embroidered Pump Black

Necklace and Earrings: Pulse, Orfilla 1 Iris

Bracelet: =DeLa*=, Bangle “Dian” Black

Of course, my new wardrobe wouldn’t even come close to being complete without adding something for the sweeter side in me. When I saw the Pervinca Pailettes dress I knew I’d found the perfect thing. This gorgeous cocktail dress accentuated my femininity without losing my sexy edge. I even added the prim buckle from the Estivo Rose ensemble to give it something extra.

Skin: :Gala:, Pale- Frosty Petunia

Hair: Gurl 6, Juliet- Light blond

Shoes: Baby Monkey, Bow Mules in White

Necklace: Whittentons, ~Pearl Tear Drop~ diamond necklace

Bracelet: Whittentons, ~Cameron~ hanging diamond bracelet

You can get the Bolero Collection outfits that suit your varying moods and activities at:

Bit Bat Bot (200, 236, 23)

All photographs done by Aleida Rhode.