We recently held our first Runway Diva show to an audience of new and aspiring models. Experienced models Rena Mascot, Haruka Kish and Kayella Kurrajong gave a quick demonstration of a simple routine. The audience was to pay attention to the poses, timing and number of stops. Then came the fun part. Rena put forth the challenge to the audience to duplicate the routine. Thirteen very anxious and enthusiastic contestants leaped at the chance to walk that great Estate Della Mode runway that floats above the pool. Led by our very own Una Ewing, each model did their routine in front of Rena and Haruka, while Kayella was backstage hovering over her charges like a mother hen, making sure the runway was always occupied.

Congratulations to Payton Heron and Cayce Newell who won the challenge. Following the challenge was a question and answer period with our Top Model, Bobie Woodget. This part of the program was to help and mentor the aspiring and new models.