There are five tiny villages set like jewels on the Ligurian Coast of Italy, known as Cinque Terre. The hiking trails between the villages are both easy and challenging, but every trail has spectacular views of the sea, terraced vineyards, and the rugged coastline. You can hike between all five villages in one day, but that is not as challenging as walking up 99 stairs to the hotel room with a backpack on. Cinque Terre is one of those places people tend to read about once and then dream about forever.

I hiked between Vernazza and Montorosso. The weather was pleasant so I was able to dress lightly; wearing my baggy top over a new tank top from MichaMi. The baggy top has a really nice drape to it, both back and front, and shows off the back of the tank top. This type of tank top design really shows off a great pair of shoulders. My long pants have the appearance of a light twill material and I like the detailing on the back pockets. The pants come with a belt but I chose to wear a leather belt with little pouches – you know, for lipstick, sun block, and a comb.

The hike today was not particularly difficult so I opted to wear desert boots instead of hiking boots. These boots have great detail and come in 6 colours with laced up or unlaced versions. As an added bonus you get a matching pair of socks too. I threw on a red scarf and a red bangle, grabbed my day pack, camera and water, and I was off for a great day of hiking!

T-Shirt: MichaMi – Glam Tank

Baggy Top: Canimal – Baggy Top

Pants: Nyte ‘N’ Day – Lacuna

Shoes: Maitreya – Desert Boots

Scarf: Decoy – Mraz Scarf

Bracelet: Artilleri – LuLu2

Belt: Habibi Creations

Hair: Detour – Hazy