When the creators of Second Life were designing the avatars for our world, they wisely added an underwear layer. I suppose many people wonder why underwear is needed here, and I suppose it’s not, but I still like to wear it. Women wear underwear for more than one single reason. One of those reasons is how it makes us feel when we have beautiful lingerie on, even if we intend to show it to no one. Judging from the number of lingerie stores in Second Life, it is obvious that women find reasons to buy and wear it here too. I have come across a number places that sell truly wonderful and diverse underwear for women and recently discovered another. Angel Dessous sells lingerie with a distinctive European style to their designs. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Nando Korobase, a few days ago and he graciously showed me a preview of some new designs he will be releasing soon.

I’ll start off by showing you a range of current available items as examples of the diversity offered. Starting from the left, above, is Rikes Desire 2 in blue, a nice versatile set shown with the corset, panties, garter belt and lace gloves, it also comes with a lace bra. Other colors available are black, white, red and yellow. Giana is a translucent meshed teddy with lace appliqués strategically placed to preserve some modesty. It comes with matching lace gloves and stockings worn here. It is shown in red. but also come is in white and black.  Next is Rikes Paris Dream in yellow, another set with many options. In addition to the strapless corset, panties, garter belt and stockings shown, there is a bra, 2 more corset tops and 3 different lounge pants. This set is also available in red, white and black. On the right is the Susan set with one of it’s three camisoles. The one pictured is sheer mesh with opaque cups.  The other options are all sheer or opaque with sheer cups.  This set also includes a semi sheer bra with optional prim skirting to create a baby doll look.  The panties have a sexy triangle cutout in front and back. Susan is also available in red and white.

As can be seen from the previous descriptions, many of the sets from Angel Dessous offer a variety of options. Presented directly above are two sets that demonstrate how versatile many of the sets are. On the right is two variations from the 12 piece Cute in white. It has 2 different styles of bra, panty, stockings, garters and corsets that can be mixed and matched in numerous ways. Naomi is a full lounge set shown complete with jacket and pants then with the jacket and pants removed. The parts are intelligently placed on the expected layers so that all pieces can be worn together and removed as needed.  Shown here in blue, it also comes in red, white and black. There are many more styles and sets available, but I hope the ones shown here demonstrate the quality, detail and range of this lingerie. Angel Dessous has earned a place among my favorite places to shop.

The last two outfits pictured here are from the new, soon to be released, line of lingerie. Suzy, on the left, is a 3-piece set with matching stockings. In addition to the demi-bra shown, there is a shelf bra included. Another enhancement is the stocking design that shows the pull of the garters. The set comes with another pair of stockings with no pull when opting to forgo the garter belt. The high leg cut pink teddy on the right is Victoria, a delicate combination of sheer mesh and lace. Scalloped lace top stockings and matching lace gloves, not shown, are included. These are just two of the many new designs coming from this excellent designer.  I look forward to the additional releases as they will make fine additions to the large and well done line of lingerie already available. 

Nando uses highly detailed textures, especially for the lace items, and demonstrates an eye for detail and design that places him amongst the best lingerie designers in Second Life.

The hair seen is Mercy from Diversity Hair and the Earrings are from Earthstones Jewelry.