Runway Divas is coming your way again, and this time it isn’t an ordinary Runway Divas (not that the last one was ORDINARY). This week Miss SL World 2008, Aleida Rhode, will be gracing everyone with her presence at the event where you can meet her and ask her questions, and it will be held at a secret and special new location!

The event is this week on Friday, August 1st at 1PM SLT/PDT at the EFA SPECIAL LOCATION.

Orchid Dreams by the amazing Emeriselle Theas is the sponsor for this event that should not be missed if you are an aspiring or current model, fashionista or -isto. Make sure to get involved and win yourself a great prize!

See you all there! Click here to teleport to the EFA SPECIAL LOCATION.

Click here to visit Orchid Dreams to view endless traditional Japanese clothing and accessories.