Another week’s Happy Hour has come with another great sponsor! As I’ve mentioned before, and will continue to mention each week, if you’re not a member you are severely missing out! Join us in the ~*Ewing Events VIP Guest List*~ group.

This week we’ve got Zelly Mornington of Striking Poses. Zelly has taken a unique approach to her poses. She’s incorporated her love for celebrity gossip and news and made pose sets based on RL stars. She takes poses that stars have been photographed in and offers sets in-world, grouped by celebrity. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Heidi Klum are just a few of the offered starlet pose sets.

It gets better, though! Not only does Striking Pose have poses associated with RL stars, she’s created pose sets, like Vogue, Silent Screen, and, Zelly’s personal favorite, Drama Queens. “I figure we’re always going to have drama in our SLives, so we might as well look good doing it!” she says. She’s gotten amazingly creative; which works well for her, since one of her favorite things about Second Life is the opportunity for people to get creative and show off their own artistic styles.

She’s offered each of us the chance to emulate some of our favorite celebs. So come on down, pick your favorites, and pose away baby!

You can find Striking Poses in-world on the Glenn sim at 23, 165, 27