Runway Robics is back! If this is the first word you’re hearing about it, then you missed the first event of it, but more are to come in the coming weeks. At Runway Robics, anyone that shows up is able to join in by completing different runway tasks that increase in difficulty to see which of the competing models (or aspiring models!) can work the runway with perfection. The most recent Runway Robics was sponsored by Sita Loire of Beauty Avatar and Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, with Adam Soler’s Amodica clothing line as our ~* Ewing Events VIP Guest List*~ group’s goodybag sponsor.

Throughout the past few months Beauty Avatar has developed into a full brand, selling skins, shapes, clothing and anything else you can think of under the name World of Beauty. Sita told us how she finds inspiration in fashion, art, and beauty to create amazing things. Take some time to check out the World of Beauty. Make sure you take a look at Sita’s favorite creations: the Hollywood black dress and one of the Selkis skins, #10.

You can find Beauty Avatar and World of Beauty on the World of Beauty sim (127, 157, 24).

Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose entered Second Life almost two years ago and fell in love when she “became entirely in awe of the fact that the possibilities really are endless and limitless”. With this is mind, Long Awkward Pose is home to poses for just about every style, male and female alike. Her realistic poses and quality work ethic has quickly given her a name as one of the elite of SL poses designers; although she doesn’t think of her work in quite the same way those of us on the outside do. “I don’t really look at it from that angle. If I thought I was on top and needed to stay there, I’d probably be ripping my hair out right now. There are amazing pose creators out there. I think it’s important that we all just give each other a respectful creative space and just keep on keeping on,” Dove told me a few weeks ago in an interview.

Take at look at the Long Awkward Pose main store located on BelleStar (215, 29, 21).

As for Adam Soler of Amodica, this is not the first time his designs have graced the pages of our blog. Although, you have seen his clothing line, known previously as Lookr, he has recently taken a huge step and combined with PRrim Designs to form Amodica, selling clothing, furniture, photography, graphics services, and more. The Amodica clothing line is something that Soler puts his heart and soul into. His designs are unique and have amazing texturing.

Find the look you want and so much more at Amodica on Southsea (88, 123, 432).

Join us on August 7th for the next installment of Runway Robics. More details about the event will be coming to the blog soon, so don’t forget to check back!