Two days ago I visited BAIASTICE to see Sissy Pessoa’s latest releases. Once there, I saw the two Autumn Winter releases and attempted to buy them. To my suprise, I was unable to; instead it gave me a landmark to the Black Swan sim. I was confused but thought “Well I love the outfits, so I will go and see what’s there”. Having never heard of it before I was also curious. After walking through the door I got a huge shock, I was expecting another clothes shop, but this looked like something I would see in a game like Tomb Raider. There was a huge axe swinging across the pathway and the pathway was uneven. I thought “Surely there aren’t any clothes here”, but as the scenery was so breathtaking I thought I would take the opportunity to attempt the assault course of different challenges. I eventually came across the area where the clothing was and was in awe at the great designs by various Second Life designers. After buying some of the clothes I thought as the sim was so amazing, it would be a fantastic idea to take some snapshots of me wearing the clothes that I had just purchased whilst still in the sim. I teleported home and opened the boxes and then headed back to the Black Swan sim. I hope you like the photographs. I tried to not only show the fantastic clothes, but to also show you some of my favourite areas in the Black Swan sim.