I’m back on track after a short break from blogging, and natural looks are what I want to blog about today. If you dont already know who the creator of Earthstones is, then you better go and visit her shop, as you’re about the only one who doesn’t! They have fantastic jewelery and accessories for anyone who loves fashion, and they are of very high quality, I can assure you that.

In the first picture, I am wearing “Beautiful Slave footlets – Abalone” which is a really beautiful oriental-style foot decoration. And the good thing about it was that I didnt need to adjust it at all. Just wear it and it sit perfectly on your avi´s foot.

 Pic: 1. Showing “Crystal Charm Set – For Creativity” – a set with necklace and earrings in silver with blue/green gemstones.

Pic: 2. Showing “Knotted Elegance II – Tahitian black and “Timeless Pearl Earrings” – this set is also available in pink and white colors.

Pic: 3. Showing “Princess Pearls – Tahitian black and Trinity Pearl Earrings – Tahitian black” – this set is also availabe in pink and white.

Below I am wearing Earthstones Earthbound Sandals in the chocolate/chrysocolla version, and in my right hand I have the Coal/Abalone version. Both come with perfectly placed gemstones as decoration on the front of the sandal. If you are into the bohemian style, then this is perfect. As I mentioned earlier, they are of such good quality that you will wish you own them in real life.

Items from Earthstones are available at the mainstore location: Earthstones Jewelry Mainstore

My pictures are made up of items from ETD & Mirai style (Hair), Kyoot Army (skirt), Redgrave (skin), Chic Boutique (shirt) and +Plus (Bangles).