Last week I was checking out the shops in the neighborhood. Santa Cruz is the new shopping district at Ischia, were you also can find the EFA office, model school and our runways. I bumped into Stella Furkel while there,  who was busy putting new items in her shop, **Fashion Model Works**. Stella needs no introduction, but for those not so familiar with EFA, Stella Furkel is the amazing designer from our first pose show. She sponsored quite a few more shows and generously handed out goodybags in the Ewing Event VIP guest list group. While talking to her, she showed me her first dress designers and generously gave them to me so I could judge them for myself.

In the picture, I am wearing the “Stella ** FMW ** – CC – Backless Trns Blk Slk Cktail Dress”, a chic, simple and very elegant cocktail dress with a sexy laced top. The bow on the shoulder completes the dress and gives it a little bit of an innocent look, but don’t let yourself be fooled, this dress is really sexy!

Thanks to Aleida Rhode for taking the picture.

And of course, you have to show off in the dress by using a Stella Furkel pose! The lucky chair was very kind to me and turned into a ‘C’, so I’m posing here using “Stella – FMW – Super Hot – 0021 v1.3”.

The hair “Tuli” is from House of Heart and can be found in the goodybag of the June Runway Robics.

If you are interested in renting a shop at Santa Cruz – Ischia contact Una Ewing or Connie Molinaro for more information.