Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I recently received a notecard announcing a Summer sale event at Haute Style & Co. to introduce their new line and new location. Now, I have to admit that I had rarely been to this store, nor had I ever really looked at the selection they have, so I decided to stop by and take a look. What I saw was a pleasant surprise. There is a wide selection of styles, including some of the most stylish casual clothes I have seen so far within Second Life. Wearing gowns or haute couture is fun on the runway or at a formal event, but we spend more time in casual clothes than any other. This doesn’t mean we can’t look fashionable while doing it and Haute Style’s designs certainly give us the ability to do just that.

After looking around for a while, I noticed that Forda Fairlane was there. I took the opportunity to compliment her on her work and wish her luck at the new location. Like most designers I have met in SL, Forda was very nice and appreciative of my compliments. I talked with her for a short time about her new designs and the great texture work she did on them. I decided I just had to show a couple of them here, but first, let’s look at some samples of her previous work.

Above left is Hulstrom, a black and white pant suit. The pattern top has a deep V-neckline with white lace edging and prim lace collar and cuffs. The shiny black pants have prim wide bell-bottoms. Hulstrom just exudes class and fits so well. So many dresses in SL are simple; made of just three parts: a top, pants and prim skirt. Piper is one of these dresses, but the texture, style and flex movement make this one such fun to wear, unlike many others. The empire waist and black lace hem are so cute you can’t help but feel feminine in this. Shown in purple, it is also available in brown or blue. For something a little dressier, Satrina fits the bill. The top has an interesting combination of textures including lace sleeves embellished with prim lace cuffs. Although the prim skirt is one piece it is constructed with a lace petticoat that adds fullness and depth. There is plenty here to keep the eyes interested.

Sandora, a pretty pink and white summer dress, is another example of what can be done with the basic three part dress structure. The quality textures, the belt and lace hem detail of the prim skirt make for a fun, feminine outfit. The matching hat is a nice added touch. The sweater of sexy Calista leaves the midriff bare and the plaid pleated mini-skirt is short enough to expose some bare leg above the included thigh high socks. The outfit has a prim turtleneck collar and cuffs. Tornado is a tight fighting, halter top mini-dress. The top texture has the halter over a short-sleeved blouse with the ties under the collar. A prim bow is added to the back. The diagonal lines of the various pieces match well and the belt is prim. It is available in vibrant green, purple, brown and the teal, shown here.

Pasadena and Cortina are two from the new line, whose textures are magnificent and very well made. The sweater for Pasadena has a prim collar and cuffs, while the prim pleated mini-skirt includes the sweater’s bottom edge and bow. Cortina has amazing detail with prim pant cuffs, a belt tie, a collar, a waist flare and two different sleeve cuffs. Both sweaters are made on the jacket layer so you can wear a shirt underneath if you choose to do so. These are just two outfit from Forda’s new line and I urge you to go take a look at the rest along with all the other imaginative outfits that she has created.

Also visible in the pictures are shoes from Stiletto Moody and Enkythings, jewelry from Miriel and Earthstones, and pantyhose from No. 9 Nylons.  The hair is from Laqroki.


You had to wait a little longer due to technical problems but the news is finally out!

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You picked her to be ALTAMODA‘s next cover girl. See Roxi in our September issue next month.

Howdy lovely, trotting kids, I can’t believe it’s the third session of the Runway Robics games already. But yep, there it is again and do I have special treats for you all! This time, I’ll give you the opportunity to be a star or, erm, at very least be on one.

And to add more fun to the experience, the dress code this week is “don’t be yourself,” as we all have this item in our inventory we purchased but have never worn in public. Well, get your money back today on the Runway Robics III runways!

This week, [LAP] and Beauty Avatar will please our brave winner with amazing prices – many thanks to them. See ya at Ischia at 11 AM SLT/PDT.