Happy Hour has become one more thing I get to look forward to as the weekend approaches. Each Friday, our sponsors treat us to gifts, and I look forward to it all week long. Join the ~*Ewing Events VIP Guest List*~ to be included. This week we’ve been graced with Maeva, one more LM in my “shopping” folder that I just cannot live without!

When Lotta Shelman, Melinda Emms, and Aloma Sands began making skins and shapes in December of ’07 under the name “Shape Territory” I don’t believe they had any idea of how big it would all eventually become. With Lotta doing the majority of designing and Melinda and Aloma managing, they have had some amazing success. Three months ago, when clothing and accessories were introduced, they knew some things we going to be different, most of all, the name. It was then thay Maeva was born and is still continuing to grow. Using the real life fashions of today, Lotta, Melinda and Aloma have created some amazing female clothes. They’ve incorporated the RL trends into the SL look and the combination is magical. Their favourites, the dresses Laura and Lotta, are a real fashion treat!

Down the road, possibly after their fall collection hits the line, they have hinted at beginning a men’s line. With the amazing possibilities that SL offers for Maeva, the sky is the limit.

Check out Maeva and see for yourself the wonderful things available. Stop by Broowunph 126, 18, 24.