Sunday, August 10th, 2008

So let’s be honest with ourselves; Mariya Nesiote is a Second Life fashion-style Goddess. She has an extremely unique, recognizable and good-looking shape, she has her own style which she can express well, and, despite some people that reside in her blog comments and other places (aka haterrrss), she is an SL style-icon. Am I really over exagerating? I think not.

As I was in the middle of changing between two outfits and at the same time trying on some new funky freebie tops, I discovered my mix-matched outfit was actually hot. I like it anyway. Now when I looked at myself, I thought of Mariya. I don’t know if it is the sharp-edged fringe hair, the neck scarf, or another aspect of the outfit, but to me it says “Mariya, Mariya, Mariya”. Not so much like that, but you get it. I think it’s just the combination of everything. Now my picture set up isn’t what you would expect from Mariya’s style posts; a fun set with props to compliment her style and outfit, but I side-tracked from my usual bore of a gradient background, and went with some funky hearts and poses.

Pose from [Golden Delish] by Pompelle Benoir (my IT girl!)

Unless you are Mariya Nesiote, I don’t want to hear you tell me this doesn’t remind you of her (DON’T CRUSH ME!). However much this look may make me think of Mariya, the most important thing is that ii also screams me. It’s an outfit I will enjoy wearing and it’s an outfit Iove. Take inspiration, but be yourself always.


I was finishing arranging the final details for the goodybag from sponsor Amutey DeCuir, transferring the right landmark and logo to use. The logo caught my eye; full of nice chic evening gowns, no doubt what you can expect from *BLiss Couture*. I told Amutey I will keep her landmark for upcoming celebrations – a girl needs to be prepared and have an inventory filled with good landmarks of high quality shops.

But Amutey DeCuir did not stop there, she also gave me a gown from her collection called *BLiss Couture* – Christina Gown (Blue).

Thanks to Aleida Rhode for taking the picture.

And her logo does not lie! It reflects what it promises: a very chic, elegant dress. The Christina Gown is made from soft shining silk, that gives the design a very luxurious look. The halter top is fixed on the neck with a long bow, which simply calls for an up-do hairstyle. With every step, you can see and feel the smooth flow of the skirt.

I am anxious to see what Amutey will put in the goodybag of the Runway Diva show and she is also going to sponsor the lucky winner. It’s really a great prize to win. Must have that goodybag from *BLiss Couture*? Simply join the EWING Event VIP guest list in-world. I know you shopaholics too well, you can not wait, so visit *BLiss Couture* today!

If you are interested in being a goodybag sponsor, contact Connie Molinaro for more information. There are upcoming events available.