As hemlines began to rise in the 1960’s, the wearing of stockings became problematic. Stockings of those days covered the leg to about mid thigh and were held up by garters from various undergarments. While it may be considered sexy for a woman to show a glimpse of stocking top, the skirt hemline rising completely above the top would have been seen as a real fashion faux-pas. One option, of course, would have been to forget stockings all together. But the allure of the flawless and properly toned leg was still desirable. In fact, as more leg was shown, a solution was even more desired. Commercial production of pantyhose, or tights as they are known in Europe, was the answer. The combination of undergarments into a single item that covered from waist to toes and allowed for hemlines as short as one dared was a great success. Like many inventions, the creation was driven by need, but the convenience of pantyhose over gartered stockings was immediately apparent. So as hemlines once again fell, the pantyhose survived. The addition of control tops as girdles fell out of favor also helped to keep them in a woman’s wardrobe. For many years now, they have been considered a basic necessity and are available in many styles for almost any manner of dress.

Second Life fashion hasn’t left the pantyhose out of the leg wear options we have here. In fact, just about any style available in real life can be found. One of the widest collections can be found at No. 9 Nylons. Criollo Forcella offers designs in an amazing array of styles, colors and deniers. It is one of the first places I look when I have need of a particular type or shade. Below I show some of her more specialized and latest series. The first picture is the new Neon series. In addition to skin, brown and black shades there is a navy called admiral and a salmon tone. All these pantyhose are 40 or 50 deniers for good coverage and have a high shine for a sexy look. The leg portion has both pants and underwear layer options so they can be worn under clothes or over panties for additional modesty. The feet are sandal foot design.

Next is the first high waist series of pantyhose I have seen in Second Life. Criollo says she designed these due to customer requests and it’s always nice to hear when designers address the desires and needs of their customers. They are available in eight shades from nude to black, deniers ranging from 10 for the nude and silver to 50 for the black. Each set has a seamless and sandal foot option, as well as a reinforced heel and toe with back seam. As usual, the leg portions have the two layers and the upper belly portion comes as an undershirt and shirt layer for flexibility.

The Cuban heel series below is a back seamed design with reinforced heel and toe. Available in many standard shades along with navy, pink and rose, there are a couple with choices in back seam color. Deniers range from 10 for the skin tone to 60 for the black. Shown here in the standard waist style, they also include a low waist top, with both waist styles on the underwear and pants layers. In addition to these three special series, No. 9 Nylons has a full range of more standard pantyhose series with similar flexibility of options as those shown here, all of the same good quality.

When desiring to add a pattern to the legs, Sheer offers imaginative ones in its pantyhose series. Sh Oluja makes the same patterns available in her pantyhose as those of her stockings that I showed in a previous post. A sampling of these patterns is shown below. From opaque black to fishnet and various creative patterns, they have wonderful detail and quality of design. These garments also have the option of the leg part being on the pants or underwear layer. Many of them are also available in a torn variety (not shown ) for those very specialized uses.

The various leg wear designers in Second Life, including the two talented ones mentioned here, have given us a wide range of selections for pantyhose. Since there is no difference in effort to wear gartered stockings or pantyhose here, the fact that we have so many options answers the question of sexy or convenience. Although they are convenient, they can certainly be sexy as well. Especially when worn with a mini skirt or short shorts. The ability to show a flawless leg in so many shades as high up the leg as needed will keep pantyhose a popular choice for leg wear in both worlds for a long time to come. Of course, there is one big advantage to Second Life nylons; they last far longer. While we have to constantly replace our leg wear in real life, I still have the very first pair of pantyhose I bought here and they look just like new.

The bra used for the pictures is Armidi Breezy Petal Bra in Blackberry. Jewelry is Timeless Elegance Pearl Earrings and Knotted Elegance III Necklace from Earthstones. The hair is Diversity Penelope, Charred. Shoes are Stiletto Moody d’Orsay in Midnight Patent and Tesla Leather Vixens in Liquorice.