When you walk into Bliss Couture, you know you’ve found a dress shop you never want to leave. There are gowns ranging from traditional to beyond unique, and each one is gorgeous beyond belief. I’ll never forget my first stop into Bliss Couture. I’d been searching through gown shops for something different than the 50 others I already had in my inventory. I finally walked into Bliss and with a pocket full of Lindens I went absolutely crazy. Nearly everything in her shop was different than what I’d found previously. Months later I’ve been lucky enough to have a one-on-one chat with Amutey DeCuir herself, the sole designer and creator of the gorgeous Bliss Couture gowns.

DE: What brought you to SL?

AC: I saw it on a blog. I thought, “it’s something like the Sims.”

DE: Are you like the many of us that used to spend way too much time playing the Sims?

AC: Well, kinda, but it didn’t last long, and it was like 10 years ago – the Sims 1.

DE: Even that one was fun, though.

AD: Well, nothing compared to SL!

DE: Haha, not even close! What did you love about SL in the beginning?

AC: Well, I was trying to be someone I am not in the very beginning, doing all kinds of crazy things and wearing all kinds of weird outfits.

DE: And what made you decide to start designing?

AD: My friend dragged me in. She is the designer of Vogue. I wouldn’t have started Bliss Couture if it weren’t for her.

DE: Wonderful! How long have you been doing it?

AD: This is Bliss’s 6th month!

DE: Wow! You have grown really fast!

AD: Crazy hours!

DE: I can imagine! Does it ever overwhelm you?

AD: It’s much better now. The first three months were really crazy. At some points, I wanted to give up or take a break, but the more I did it the more I was in love with it. I basically couldn’t stop.

DE: Why did you choose to make gowns?

AD: Well, I love to wear gowns in both worlds and I think a gown was the first thing I ever bought in SL.My credit card wasn’t accepted in the beginning, so I basically had to camp for my first gown.

DE: Where do you seek inspiration for your designs?

AD: It’s a very difficult question for me, one I’ve been trying to answer. I just keep getting the images in my head and I sketch them down. I’ve got like 100 gowns in my RL sketch book. I wish I had more time to finish them all.

DE: Wow! I hope one day we will get to see all of them!

AD: I hope so too!

DE: What is your favorite of all the gowns that you have made?

AD: Another difficult question. They’re all my babies, but I have to say Eve, Christina and Natasha.

DE: What is your favorite part about being a beloved fashion designer in SL?

AD: Beloved? LOL! I am happy to know that the girls are satisfied when they walk out of my store and I love getting compliments from their partners. All those things keep me going.

DE: Is there anything new and exciting coming up that you’d like to share?

AD: I’ve just got a sim and I’m going to rebuild my main store. We will have Calla hair and Elegance Hats in it, and, of course, Alyssa Bijoux!

It’s not hard to see that Amutey loves her work. You can see it in her gowns and when she talks about them. To top it off, her work is only getting better. With her recent release of the Blair gown, DeCuir showed us that the dresses will remain amazing to the last detail!.

Check out the current main store at Hollywood Hills 192,192,233.