There has been a plethora of skin releases lately, but I would like to add another one to the list. I recently received a sample skin from Leonie Kiergarten of LK Designs. She graciously let me try on one sample, in a tan shade that came with 13 makeup options. I will admit most of the makeup changes are quite subtle and it is mostly the eye makeup that changes. I would have liked to see more options in lip colors. The PURE skin line is 75% photo sourced and 25% drawn (base) and all makeups are by Leonie. This is her first skin line and she is currently working on another one.

The face has an overall very pleasant expression. I did not have to do any adjusting to my shape to correct any scowling or surprised looks. The lips, for my liking, are full and plump and the ears are nicely done. The back has very nice shading and I really like the shoulder blades. The front torso muscles are nicely defined but I think more attention could have been given to the belly button. The breasts are very nice and don’t give the impression of having implants and if you look hard enough, you can see some very slight veining in the aureole area to give it a realistic look. I also like the crease at the back of the knees and there is some highlighting on the inside of the elbows to give the appearance of an arm bend. Not a lot of detail in the private parts and that is OK if it is of no importance to you. There are more skin tones available: chocolate, suntan, tan, medium, light and very light.

The skins are sold at L$ 500, you also get a set of eyelashes and Windlight settings are included. So go and check them out and, as always, try on the demos. I think we will see some great efforts from Leonie in the future.

LK Designs – Pure Skins