I know I have raved about her before, but really, can you ever get enough of Amanda Bolero’s Bolero Collection? I sure can’t, and to top off my Bolero Collection fanaticism, we here at Ewing Fashion Agency are putting on a runway show featuring her work. This Italian beauty isn’t what you’d expect for an amazing designer in SL. She’s a RL nurse, with a love for backpacking all over the world. I’m sure this world wide travelling has only added to the edge her designs have. She creates amazing outfits. She took a minute to talk with me about the show, her upcoming line, and what it’s been like for her to be a Second Life fashion designer.

DE: What made you decide to come to SL?

AB: I read an article on a magazine about Second Life, but I thought it was a game, like Lara Croft., hehe. So I tried it and very soon I understood it was something different and very exciting.

DE: Did you fall in love with SL right away?

AB: At the beginning yes, I was addicted! Through my first months I was here until early morning.

DE: What made you design to start designing clothes?

AB: Like all women here, I was a customer, but sometimes I wasn’t able to find what really I wanted. I had lots of ideas, but I was not able to use the necessary programs. So, I said to myself, “If everybody does it, why can’t I do the same? Why can’t I learn? I’m not stupid,” hehe. So a friend of mine came to my house and in half an hour I had an idea of how to use templates and Photoshop. Then, I tried and I asked again and again until I had the ability to make pretty much what I wanted. But I know I still have to improve every day. Now it’s been almost a year since I started designing clothes here.

DE: You have an upcoming fashion show with our agency, Ewing Fashion Agency. Tell me a little bit about what is in store for the show.

AB: I like the idea of secrets and surprises, but I will tell you that all the people at the event will be part of the show. It will be different from others. I thought a lot about the stage design and the music. Connie Molinaro (Ewing Fashion Agency’s PR and Events Manager) understood instantly what I had in my crazy mind. She is orchestrating a really spectacular show!

DE: I can’t wait! When it comes to your designs, which ονε is your favorite?

AB: I like more than one. I do like those dresses that turned out exactly how I wanted them a little more though. I like the super sexy ones, like Trittico!

DE: Where do you get your ideas for new dresses from?

AB: Well, I have an idea first. I don’t design it on paper, because during the designing process I begin to see better what I want exactly, what will look the best. So, sometimes the initial idea is not like the final dress. I just let my mind fly.

DE: I know you and I have previously talked about your fall line. When will we get to see your new fall styles?

AB: I will release the fall line in my store in mid-October and I’m very proud of how it is coming. You can see one piece on the stage during the show!

DE: That is exciting! We sure don’t want to miss the show! Is there anything else you’d like the readers to hear from you?

AB: Yes, I want to say thank you very much to all the customers that send me IMs, giving me such beautiful compliments on my work. And on an occasions like this, a public thank you is very important.

The Bolero Collection will be presented on the runway today, August 20th, at 12PM SLT in Ewing’s Fashion District Ischia. You can find the full Bolero Collection at Amanda’s main store.