Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Hey, hey, it’s me again, back on track for the next Runway Robics games -fourth edition, and this week I will make you come out of your comfort zone with the most uncomfortably looking outfit you can find in your inventory and I will make sure you will feel as bad on the stage! Don’t despair my darlings, it will all worth it cause the lucky winner will bring home some delicious treats from CLIO by Clio Cardiff and [LAP]. A big thank you to our dear and adored sponsors this week, KINYO by Kinyo Nino, BEAUTY AVATAR and [LAP], with the latter also offering a cheque of L$ 800 to be spent at their store.

So take your friends by the collar and bring them to Ischia this Friday at 11 AM SLT for some giggles on the runway. See you all there!


One of the best Second Life furniture stores is opening its new mainstore on Friday, August 22nd !

The store, formerly known as CORN, is called INSTINCT and the designers will be featured in the upcoming ALTAMODA issue.

I had the chance to meet Devon Fischer and Cornelius Sloat and to ask them about their work and how they live in Second Life. I don’t want to reveal all the details here but I totally agree to what they said. You truly can expect “a new revolution in SL furniture”!

Check out the beautiful and realistic designs and read the next ALTAMODA issue to get to know more about their work!

Here is a teaser (Click to enlarge! No, it’s not a real life picture and there was absolutely no editing done in Photoshop!)

Visit the new mainstore on Friday and see it with your own eyes.

Second Life has a wealth of talented designers and many of us seek out those that have a penchant for creativity and quality. Naturally, this leads to duplication of items in the wardrobes of discriminating fashionistas. Accessorizing and mixing parts of various outfits is often done to retain some amount of uniqueness so we don’t suffer that embarrassment of being caught somewhere dressed identically to another. This is a real life concern as well, but is exacerbated here because one size fits just about all in Second Life. Some designers help address this issue by offering options when you buy their designs. Jamie Holmer of INDI Designs is one such designer. Her outfits are generally complete, right down to the underwear, but often offer the wearer a myriad of choices. The fact that she produces clothes of excellent quality and exceptional creativity suggests that INDI Designs is a place well worth looking in to. Styles available range widely, from casual, including grunge and punk, to fantasy inspired designs. The few items presented below will hopefully demonstrate all these points.

The outfit called Kaylin is a casual set with torn jeans and denim jacket. The texture details of the denim are very realistic with natural looking tears in the fabric. The included top comes in four versions, black and red in both sleeved and sleeveless styles. Demonstrating the thought that goes into these clothes, the jacket is designed in two versions. One with the collar folded down as part of the texture and one that has no collar as part of the texture, which is meant to be worn with one of two different upturned prim collars. The prim tam hat and three sizes of prim belts are included. A set of red bra, panties and stockings make the outfit complete. Also available separately are matching sculpty shoes or boots. The Nobile shoes have both plain and riveted versions.