Last Wednesday, we had a Meet the Designer talkshow with Aideen Sideways / Josine Vermeij. For those who missed this, here is an impression of that evening in the pictures taken by Tillie Ariantho:

It was a lovely event and the nice voices of Rhi Rossini and Aideen Sideways were saying more about the background of Aideen and her thesis. Aideen Sideways graduated this week from the Fashion School in Utrecht, Netherlands. For her graduation she wrote a thesis, Syntopia, and did a lot of research about how our fashion utopia is like, in real life and in Second Life, and how we experience our utopias.

Aideen/Josine: In this thesis, I have explored the seductive force of fashion and the way in which people feel the desire to turn utopia into reality. More specifically, I have examined the role fashion plays in the creation of utopias, and how virtual worlds can play a part in their realization.

The thesis is a must read for all fashion lovers, but also for every citizen of Second Life. It tells the two sides of the story, the real life one and the Second Life one, both with their positive and negative aspects. It is very easy to read and I am sure you will find a lot of things you recognize in it.

To finalize her graduation, there will be a fashion show in real life and in Second Life, which EFA will host. We’d like to invite you all and who knows, you may be a witness of a new fashion designer’s first steps, in real life and also in Second Life. At least during the talkshow Aideen told us that she will not leave here and has a lot of new ideas she is willing to fulfill after exploring SL a little bit more.

SYNTOPIA: Where the two sides of the computer screen come together.

This Friday Josine and I will present our collection, both in real life and in Second Life. After the show there will be an exhibition until September 23rd. In real life the show takes place at 9.00 SLT/ 18.00 CET at Pastoe Design Centre, in Utrecht. In Second Life the models of Ewing Fashion Agency will showcase the virtual designs at 10.30 SLT/ 19.30 CET in Virtual Holland.

We hope to see you at one of the events, either in real life or in Second Life. By being at either one of the locations does not mean you have to miss out on the other (that wouldn’t suit my concept): on the day of the show there will be a live connection between the two worlds, so in Second Life you can watch the real life show and in real life you can also watch the Second Life show.

If you have any questions please contact Aideen Sideways.

Regards, Aideen & Josine