Last Friday was a busy day for EFA; the long awaited Syntopia show took place, a parallel RL-SL event in the tradition of First Fusion. The star of the evening was none other than designer Josine Vermeij, known in SL as Aideen Sideways, who received her RL fashion degree and presented her very first collection in both worlds. The interest was great in Pastoe Design Centre, Utrecht, as well as in SL’s Virtual Holland, where EFA models showcased the artistic creations. You can see Josine’s/Aideen’s designs below (pictures by Tillie Ariantho):

Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.

A big thank you to models Ella Quinsette, Firedragon Bellios, Haruka Kish, Rena Mascot, Tiffany Dragonash, ZoeAnastasia Aeon and Sienna Fredriksson and EFA’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Connie Molinaro, who organized the event.

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