The wearing of lingerie is about more than just donning it for a woman. The color and style we choose to wear is often greatly influenced by our mood. The clothes we wear, places we intend to go and the activities we expect to engage in all affect our decision as well. Although it’s intended to be hidden from view, offering a glimpse of bra strap at the shoulder or the top of the panties above the waist line is seen as sexy by many. Lingerie is also used to set a mood in intimate settings. Many men prefer the allure of a woman clad in sexy lingerie to that of a naked one.

Mood and atmosphere is such a part of the lingerie experience that it makes perfect sense to consider this when selling it as well. Evoking the feelings to match the styles of what is sold can help greatly in getting a woman to make a purchase. In fact the entire process of buying to wearing to the removal of these garments often carry undertones of sensuality and sexiness. This is just as true, if not more so, in virtual worlds as the real world. One such place that excels at this is Blacklace. The store on the new Alphamale and Blacklace sim is expertly designed and decorated to help set a mood that matches the wonderfully alluring styles of the designer, Mariska Simons. From the dark romantic shades and classically styled interior to the intriguing and professionally done product displays, all elements combine to produce an atmosphere consistent with the mood her products are intended to help create.

Naturally, we want to feel good about the things we purchase as well, so it’s important that we are happy with the product once we get it home and wear it. This has never been an issue for me with Blacklace lingerie. All the items I have are well made with nicely detailed textures. Below, are pictured several sets as examples, beginning with the Passionate Touch in purple. This set combines a satin and lace corset, panties and garter belt and comes in many other colors. Sheer black stockings are included. Next is the Fantasies bra and panties set in a blue and black floral pattern. Other colors for this set are white, teal, gray, purple and red.

The three-piece Temptress set includes a sheer mesh thong and lace up bra along with garter belt and stockings. Here in pink and black, it’s also available in green, white, copper, silver, purple and blue. On the right is the black velvet and white lace Laced Dreams corset set. The corset has a prim bow in the back and optional crotch-less panties are included as well as the sheer stockings.

Mariska does a nice job of introducing new items on a regular basis. Following are pictures showing two of her latest. Both sets offer a nice rang of colors. The vibrant Basic Instinct bra and panties set uses a creative combination of leopard print and brightly colored lace. Here it is seen in the rich blue, green and pink, with gray and red also available.

Midnight Affair is the newest corset set. In addition to the teal, amethyst and scarlet shown, it comes in copper, silver and olive. This is a front-laced satin corset with satin panties, garter belt and sheer stockings. Some of the colors and the texture of this set are new and different from past releases and make a welcome addition to the Blacklace line.

The lingerie from Blacklace is fun and sexy, and I look forward to each new release. Mariska hinted at some things to come, but you’ll just have to wait for those. In the meantime, treat yourself to a shopping trip at Blacklace and experience the ambiance that has been created there. You just might find something exciting to buy. There are many more enticing items to choose from than the ones presented here.

The hair in the above pictures is Ami from Zero Style.