Of course I could not resist the news that AOHARU launched a shoe line, AOHARU walk, with a 50% sale. So I grabbed my bag and went shoe shopping with the excuse that I have to stay up-to-date with the fashion world for my work. While looking around and talking to some long-time-no-see friends, Katx Kirax screamed in my ear: “it’s C on the lucky chair.” I still can not resist these chairs, so did what I had to do and accepted the lovely new ballet flats, a part of the new shoe collection, available in many colors.

Katx Kirax is a smartly dressed, very friendly Japanese lady. She loves to DJ and has just started working, as of July, as fashion designer. And she gave me one of her first designs in exchange for the ballet flats which I already had.

Katx Kirax: “I opened my store sometime in July but I loved playing with Photoshop from the start. My friend, Kellie Iwish (well known from Elate), is the best teacher. She is supporting me all the time. She’s a great friend.”

On the picture: [ Bingo ] Belle Eyelet Black Dress (120 LD) combined with the AOHARU Snow Boots in White and baby blue (0 LD)

The dress is really cute. And taking into account that Katx only started a month ago it is really amazing work. The dress has 2 skirt options, a layered one and a single one. Both fit very well, the patterns match, and they have good movement. The top is a strapless one, also here the patterns match well, maybe the shades on the top could be less, but I guess that is personal taste. And another big plus, the dress seems to match perfectly with the free boots you can find on the wall at AOHARU.

I was really curious to see the rest of her designs, so I went to her shop called Bingo! (more…)